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Comment: Re:Thank you for exposing the left (Score 2) 446

by Stephen Jesse (#43824543) Attached to: Med Students Unaware of Their Bias Against Obese Patients
I hate politics,what the fuck does what color state have to do with what he said, the stupid party system show be abolished since no one ever does what they say they will anyway. What I took from the comment is why is it ok to be homosexual and not obese? Most people who are overweight already know its an issue, but most lack the will power to change. Doctors should look at the cause of an underlying condition, instead of taking the easy route of blaming it on the easy thing. Same thing occurs during flu season, 5 years ago I started getting something that is similar to acid reflux too the point where if I didn't closely monitor what I ate I would get sick. The blamed it on the flu for years and if I get a new doctor they try still.I also saw the same things working in technical support, techs that would always blame and issue on either being a bad hard drive or a virus. It was the easy way out and they would try to get them to by a new hard-drive or reload. These people have to stop being lazy and learn how to diagnose properly. You can warn people about the dangers of obesity which most people already know but not making sure that's the issue is dangerous.

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