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Comment: Re:Why I play (Score 1) 301

by SteelCat (#39535551) Attached to: To me, lotteries represent ...
It happened here in the UK just this month; a syndicate of bus drivers won around £3,000,000 each except for one woman who'd dropped out of the syndicate not long before.

(That article says it was a bloke, but I'm sure the BBC reported it as a woman.)

Comment: Re:New missiles cost a lot you know... (Score 1) 168

by SteelCat (#18165310) Attached to: British Government Slashes Scientific Research
It's not just missiles you know, we've got to spend £9bn on some playing fields for the big Sports Day in 2012.

These scientists have no sense of perspective. They should get out of their labs for a run round the pitches instead of sitting around discovering things!

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