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Comment: Re:Irony (Score 1) 284

by Stealth210 (#40509317) Attached to: The Leap Second Is Here! Are Your Systems Ready?

One of the nice things about Linux - It just works. You don't get random reboots every two weeks when Microsoft decides you must install this particular update, It doesn't get "crufty" the same way the Windows registry does, it doesn't suddenly fail to boot one morning (though in fairness, the fact that we never shut them down probably leads to a bias in that regard). It just works, day after day, year after year. If it worked yesterday and no hardware failed overnight, it will work today.

You are so full of it. You like being that smug though, don't you? The reason you have issues with your Windows machines is because you set them up to fail with poor hardware, poor administration, or both. I have a 2003 Server machine as my fileserver and VM host that has been up for(and I had to check this) 512 days(hah, what a good number)

Signed, a Linux user since Slack 3.1.

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