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Comment: Re:Have you talked to anyone? (Score 1) 848

by Starrider (#38517370) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation?

Most of those contracts are unenforceable in most states. Unless you are compenstated for the off-hours, a contract cannot infringe on your legal right to work for someone else. (Including yourself.) They can fire you for working for someone else, but they cannot claim ownership of another companies work-for-hire copyright of your work.

Comment: Re:Am I the only one who is confused... (Score 2, Insightful) 140

by Starrider (#34147154) Attached to: Despite FTC Settlement, Intel Can Ship Oak Trail Without PCIe

High-end graphics and discrete cards are making up a smaller and smaller percentage of the market. It is quickly getting to the point that the only people who are buying discrete GPUs are gamers and graphics professionals. Most people just don't see the need for the added expense.

The "mid to high-end gaming market" is fairly small on the PC, relative to the entire PC market.

Comment: Wikileaks puts lives at risk (Score -1, Troll) 725

by Starrider (#33901990) Attached to: Wikileaks Donations Account Shut Down

What did they think would happen? They released documents that put Afghan civilians and US troops at risk. This isn't protecting democracy, it's treason. Wikileaks is giving aid to the enemy. The founder should be in prison, and slashdot is whining about the donation page getting shut down?

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