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Comment: Re:In other words (Score 2, Informative) 154

by Starmengau (#27441165) Attached to: What Would It Look Like To Fall Into a Black Hole?

I can report with certainty that this was rendered (or at least CAN be rendered) on a modern laptop; I attended Professor Hamilton's course on Black Holes in which he used the Black Hole Simulator. It ran at this quality in real-time (including changing angles, time dilation, and different types of black holes) on a 2005 Alienware laptop running Gentoo.

Comment: Well... (Score 1) 81

by Starmengau (#26706231) Attached to: Console Download Speeds Tested

I suppose this could have been a more useless article...if perhaps it was spread across multiple pages in classic C|net style.

I don't own any of the current-gen consoles, so perhaps someone could clue us in: are there serious frustrations with downloading content on the Wii, or for that matter any of the other consoles? I could see how there might be, depending on the way the content is actually delivered.

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