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Comment: Re:Why not use... (Score 0) 220

by Starburnt (#23988617) Attached to: Casting Doubt On the Hawkeye Ball-Calling System
Interesting theory, but you're not able to avoid putting the surface in the "in bounds" area. You'll need sensors on the service line (pretty much in the middle of the court, parallel to the net), the dividing line between the two service boxes, the tram lines (out of bounds for singles tennis, but in bounds for doubles), etc...

Clay courts actually offer something similar (the balls leave an unmistakable mark), but obviously without being able to distinguish between marks.

+ - Terahertz: Riding the Wave of the Future

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kirouac writes: "X-ray vision is yesterday's news. Terahertz technology is the wave of the future. Terahertz occupies space on the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and x-rays and that's where UNBC prof Matt Reid has focused his vision. He has just beaten a world record set in 1993, putting him in competition with researchers from MIT.

It was at the Advanced Laser Light Source facility in Montreal that UNBC's Matt Reid and his fellow researchers from UNBC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec used ultrafast lasers to produce bursts of terahertz waves with the largest energies ever. This achievement means they can see right through objects in real time. Terahertz waves have been the subject of research for about 20 years, but Dr. Reid's accomplishment opens up a whole new world for application of the technology."

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