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Comment: Surrender/truce (Score -1) 368

by StarManta (#8359435) Attached to: ZDNet Examines SCO Indemnity Options
OK, it looks like once again I've overstated what I wanted to say in my other post: I at no point, intended to threaten anyone. The worst - and this would be only if John turned out much worse than he actually did - would be to say to his parents something along the lines of "Your son cares more for his 'jihad' than he does for your privacy." etc but NO THREATENING OR ACTUAL HARM. But he didn't so that is moot anyway. Currently, I bear no ill will towards him and have no intention of using the data I have in any way.

At this point, I want to propose something between a truce and a surrender. You want me to say you win? Fine. You win. You trolled, I lost. Sure.
This probably seems suspicious, so I should explain my reasoning. This battle is not only utterly pointless and annoying, but is skirting harassment and legality. For what? Pride? Keep your egos. You win.
Go ahead and defame me. Continue to call me a faggot, liar, nazi, whatever. Just keep it in slashdot, and I'll do the same. (And get a new account.) That's the 'truce' part. The 'surrender' part is this: I concede to being 'pwn3d'. You care, I don't, and you are better trolls than I am. Continuing this 'war' will never benefit either party. At best, we'll waste a lot of time and annoy each other. At worst, someone could end up in jail. To quote Wargames: "An odd game. The only winning move is not to play."
Like I said, all I ask is that it remains in slashdot.

To make it perfectly clear: IF IT WILL END THIS STUPID WAR, YOU WIN.

"Be *excellent* to each other." -- Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure