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Comment UK government doesn't have powers over power. (Score 2) 334 334

The Scottish Government doesn't agree.

Westminster aims to recover the power to build nuclear stations in Scotland with the passing of the Scotland bill/Calman commission. We export electricity to England as it is so perhaps the next generation of nuclear stations will be so safe they can be built in Battersea where it's needed.

Comment Phones, tv and wifi (Score 1) 358 358

We moved from a '70s to a brand new house two years ago.

My Elgato stopped working, the BT Homehub signal doesn't make it to the garden (the Apple TImeCapsule does) and my phone battery doesn't last as long as before.

Other people moved into the street and said they wouldn't bother getting a land line so we see them standing in the front garden to make phone calls.

Heating bills are lower.

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