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Comment: Re:How do I refill it? (Score 1) 192

by Sri Ramkrishna (#48406765) Attached to: Toyota Names Upcoming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
this is happening quite well. I have an electric car, and I'm able to go to the coast and get a nice charge. If I had a damn chademo adapter I can get my car up to what is needed in less than 30 minutes. 30 minutes is absolutely perfect for a family to checkout the local restaurant, shop or whatever. It is a great magic marketing number and that means that you are a captured audience.. that alone should be enough for business to do the same thing and put high speed chargers in their place of business.

Comment: Re:how much does that cost to build? (Score 1) 418

by Sri Ramkrishna (#48393229) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

Congestion. At least in teh urban areas, having a public transport system is really really fast, will get cars off the road. It will also generate density around each of the stations. Greater density is actually excellent for the free market, as people congregate around these areas. Great choice, greater everything. The problem is that most people believe in the car economy. The effects of the 'pioneer spirit' of individual ruggedness is what propagates the car economy or even guns. They are pillars of most rural and even urban thought. So, of course things like high speed transport is relatively foreign and hard for people to get their minds around. When people think of public transport in the U.S., it's usually a place where the mentally ill, the alcoholics, junkies congregate, especially during the nocturne hours. So, there is also the fact at least in urban area that it is not a respectable way to travel. In Portland, the Max is quite popular and is continually to gain ridership. But it really needs to be a lot faster in order to support the growth of people in this area. Portland and the surrounding areas are getting mroe crowded and the roads are not able to cope. Even if you expand the roads, it just puts more people on the roads and you just end up having even more people on the roads, leading to more congestion.

A good rail network will give you more bang for buck on the same set of land. It might be interesting to reclaim some of the roads as high speed rail and see if that gets us anywhere. Sadly, Europe and Japan are ahead because they had a devestating world war that destroyed most of the infrastructure and they were able to get the kind of infrastructure that is scalable. The U.S. did not have that, and it would be very difficult to do what I envision in the first paragraph.

+ - Pitivi Video Editor surpasses 50% crowdfunding goal, releases version 0.94

Submitted by kxra
kxra (2826067) writes "With the latest developments, Pitivi is proving to truly be a promising libre video editor for GNU distributions as well as a serious contender for bringing libre video production up to par with its proprietary counterparts. Since launching a beautifully well-organized crowdfunding campaign (as covered here previously), the team has raised over half of their 35,000 € goal to pay for full-time development and has entered "beta" status for version 1.0. They've released two versions, 0.94 (release notes) being the most recent, which have brought full MPEG-TS/AVCHD support, porting to Python 3, lots of UX improvements, and—of course—lots and lots of bug fixes. The next release (0.95) will run on top of Non Linear Engine, a refined and incredibly more robust backend Pitivi developers have produced to replace GNonLin and bring Pitivi closer to the rock-solid stability needed for the final 1.0 release."

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