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Comment Seems about right.. (Score 1) 417

Nature will find a way to harmonize and create balance. The human race is due for an epic smackdown. Once, your food supply is affected, invariably that will lead to war of resources (violent or otherwise, but it is usually violence) and then the human population depletes at a furious rate. At which point, teh Earth solves its cancer problem. Of course, I can't help myself, but our fox reading friends will invariably blame everone but themselves. Or maybe "God did it"

Comment Re:Texas Schools Suck (Score 1) 591

Homosexuality is not a choice, buddy. It isn't some awesome lifestyle thing. Just because some old book that told you God said it was wrong doesn't make it true. If God objected to it, then it wouldn't show up in Nature now would it? There are several animal species that change their genders as needed. If you believe that God created the system that nature operates in, then changing genders is allowed. Since there can also be genetic aberrations (like blue eyes), then they too are allowed. So by extension, homosexuality which is also could be considered an aberration should also be arrived. Now there might be a reason for homosexuality, we don't know what.

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