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Comment I was in high school... (Score 1) 320

I was 16, and a sophomore in high school. We were watching it live on TV, when it exploded in front of us. We were horrified and students were crying. It was hard. There was an extra emotional element, our old 6th grade teacher Robert Forrester was the runner up for that program. If for some reason Christie couldn't go, he would have been next. When we were in 6th grade, he would always tell us that he was going to go up in space and we never thought he would have gotten a shot. But he got as far as he did, and luckily he didn't get on there because he would have died. I'm sure he was willing to pay that price. (for some reason I couldn't find a reference to it.. but it was announced at school at the time)

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 365

What jobs? I thought the american worker was too expensive.. let em leave, and we'll make sure that we close the market to them. Two can play at that game. They want access the highly prized U.S. market, then they gotta play ball. Use the leverage - 318 million consumers, who will buy it is our culture. I mean, how many countries have a black friday?

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 365

Let em? I mean, the U.S. has plenty of natural resources and we have a population who likes to consume. We have the leverage. The problem of course is that our companies want access to other markets but honestly, countries like China will go apeshit if a situation does turn into a spiral. There will be definitely upheaval.. but hey, I thought we were like neo-pioneers or something and we got our God, Guns, and Patriotism, right?

Comment Re: short the stock (Score 1) 607

Well, I bought one TV in the 90s, and didn't buy a new TV until 2009. Anything before that, I was too young to do anything. I do not support off-shoring and I support that by buying local as much as possible. I love my state, and as a person who is the top 15-20% earning bracket, I know where my loyalties lie if I want to keep doing that and that means that I buy local as much as possible. That's the trickle down economics that I can stand behind, when people in my bracket do that then we have a platform for success. Most my furniture is oregon made or U.S. made, my car is made in Lafayette, IN. I have a famous electric car all made in the U.S. I only go to oregon businesses for my lunch and dinner. I don't eat at national chains. I invest in my local infrastructure.

I approve every goddam tax hike that helps my community. With wealth comes responsibility. I'm fully cognizant that my body of success lies on the success of others. I'm happy to pay higher taxes because I think it will lead to a better future for my children and my country. I will also make sure that my government spends its money wisely by participating vigorously in it.

Comment Re:What Congress should do (Score 1) 607

Then organize and everyone quit exactly at the same time. They'd be fucked. Maybe you won't get severance, but it would be mutally assured destruction.. the impact of that will be felt everywhere as a precedence. Managers and board members understand risk more than anything else, they will stand up and pay attention...

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 607

Oh yeah, and if thre are starving, there won't be shit for taxes, so I guess your roads and other infrastructure you take for granted will also crumble, so whatever fancy car or even a normal car will get more easily damaged because the roads will be properly maintained. I suppose your rugged individualism will somehow solve that problem, in which case, I hope you've picked up some of tradescraft.

Comment Re:No (Score 3, Interesting) 607

Indian education is primarily by rote, they don't actually promote independent thinking or out of the box thinking. This is true in general asia, where they believe as a younger person, you can't question the elder person. That kind of thinking creates an uneven power structure where the best ideas don't necessarily rise up like they do in western countries. So, until Asian countries learn to depose of centuries of ingrained thinking, the U.S. worker will always trump an Indian one or chinese one.

Sure there are going to be exceptions, but on the whole, a U.S. worker is more productive than a Indian one and also will be able to focus on and solve complex problems. Now, some of the Indians know this and have gone back to India and is trying to fix that, but it isn't going to be easy because of the cultural and corrupt institutions in place. But who knows?

As a person who had some exposure to both school systems, (with primarily in the U.S. education), I'll pick an American worker every time. Hell, if I was in India I would try to get an American worker because I know for my money, I'm going to get a lot more value.

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