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Comment: Re:Why at a place of learning? (Score 1) 992

by Sri Ramkrishna (#48263591) Attached to: Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

Your comment and the parent comment are both completely full of shit. Columbus knew exactly where he was going and all educated people of Europe already knew the earth was round hundreds of years beforehand.

You seem to have been stuck on some themes that I have not even addressed. I never talked about 'round world' theory. Columbus had no idea he was going to land on the West Indies, he thought he was going to find a faster way to the spice lands. That was his intention, he didn't think he was going to discover any new land. Unless you think they somehow divined that considering only perhaps the Vikings may have found the new world. So to wit, Columbus decided to go a different direction to get to India and ended up discovering the West Indies.

Comment: Re: How about we hackers? (Score 1) 851

A reasonable complaint. Participation in making it better is way better than just bellyaching. I suggest you file a bug and help shape journalctl to what you think it should be based on your experience. They do need that kind of feedback.

If I thought it would do any good. Needing feedback isn't the same as accepting it.

I have, in a long and evil career, encountered all sorts of development groups. Some were very friendly and open to suggestion. The Commodore Amiga team, Objectweb's JOnAS group. More commonly, there are groups who'll either ignore suggestions, or get outright hostile at the mere thought that anyone could be so uncultured and stupid as to not realize that they'd done everything Exactly Perfect and if there was a problem, it was a personal deficiency on the part of the consumer.

Filing a bug report on such projects is an exercise in futility. The best you can do is make a lot of noise in public spaces and hope that enough other people do too that either some other group feels motivated to find a better solution or that the original group realizes that they're never going to get any love and becomes more accomodating.

Well that is certainly a cynical method of doing it. :-) I prefer to use social engineering and do it that way. It always depends on how you coach the problem if you want people to take it seriously.

Comment: Re:Apple thinks ~100 dpi is the past (Score 1) 370

by Sri Ramkrishna (#48181345) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday
It is hard, because changing the font changes drastically how things look in terms of spacing. Mac applications all need to conform to a standard. Especially if they plan on doing new designs around that font that would look odd in the old one. People with older hardware will likely need to stay on the older OSes.

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