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Comment: socially-inept, technology-literate news-mongers (Score -1) 104

by SquirrelDeth (#37698756) Attached to: T-Rex Bigger and Hungrier Than Previously Thought
If there is nothing interesting going on in you life (other that something stupid like "should i use Gnome3 or KDE") you care about what going on in other peoples lives because their life is more interesting than yours. If something interesting was going on in your life you would just be one of the oblivious people content with you piece of pie but your not and that is why you are all here . Yay for not being stupid, but wouldn't your personal life be happier if you were stupid?

Comment: forced us to make a trade off (Score 0) 259

by SquirrelDeth (#37611454) Attached to: Severe Arctic Ozone Loss
Exactly we have been forced to buy poor quality under powered cars (there was a hybrid built in Canada in 1926 that got 56 mi/gal) at a ridiculous price because it is the only way to afford to drive. Meanwhile we see that the people telling us it is good we can't afford to buy my gas for a larger vehicle because we are saving the environment are the ones driving the fancy cars and flying their jets because their emissions are ok . Meanwhile the ones telling us what to do for our own good are the ones over charging us for fuel, shitty cars and electricity. They are charging us more money for less product and laughing all the way to the dealership to buy another fuel guzzling car because they can now afford to own one more car. And hey since we don't pollute as much they can pollute more now.

Comment: Re:How I've done it in the past... (Score 0) 1016

by SquirrelDeth (#37562884) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Destroy Hard Drives?
Muriatic acid available at some hardware stores and at your local concrete tool and supply company. It is a weaker form of hydrochloric acid used for washing concrete to make very cool looking concrete. But back to the point it is available right off the shelf about $8 a gallon. It is also used in pools but I am not sure what for.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious: (Score -1) 627

by SquirrelDeth (#37419268) Attached to: Anonymous Kills Websites, Cartels Kill Bloggers
Legalizing drugs will do nothing other that cause further decline of society. The solution is to shoot drug dealers start with the guys on the corner selling crack and work up till there are no drug dealers. But the US makes to much money from drugs (think courts, jails, law enforcement etc) to ever want to stop drug trafficking. Otherwise the Mexican border would be tighter than a frog's anus.

Comment: Re:So he was convicted on not being nice? (Score 0) 898

by SquirrelDeth (#37398324) Attached to: UK Man Jailed For Being a Jerk On the Internet
Umm flashing is illegal and will result in jail time and/or beating when the cops get you. Would mocking the victims of 9/11 be free speech in your opinion? People that are harmful to society need to be removed from society until they decide they want to be a part of society.

Can we actually judge intent and thereby censor people? Yes we can there are laws and "judges" that judge whether a law was broken. Obviously dipshit broke a law which resulted in punishment. Why defend the dipshit?

Comment: Re:It's a shame... (Score 0) 668

by SquirrelDeth (#37272146) Attached to: Measles Resurgent Due To Fear of Vaccination
A doctor has the scientific ability to look at my child and determine allergies? Well I'll be, science gets cooler every day.

And it is believed by science that genetics play a role in determining susceptibility to allergies.

OTH I wish I had nothing but these former Playboy bimbos you speak of. I would even tolerate their quacking. But alas I know no such bimbos. Guess I'm not as cool as you.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.