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Comment: Re:What kind of encryption did the FBI break? (Score 1) 802 802

by Squeeonline (#43858709) Attached to: Judge Orders Child Porn Suspect To Decrypt His Hard Drives
Something I've always wanted is a killcode. "They" put a gun to my head and tell me to decrypt the device. I insert an alternate passphrase and it runs a command wiping everything of interest while purposely leaving innocuous files/folders to make it look like there was never anything there.

+ - SPAM: Best service/software for society images

Submitted by Squeeonline
Squeeonline writes: I am the (amateur) webmaster for an Irish university debating society. Throughout the years, we have amassed gigabytes of photos. For the last few years we have been using Gallery hosted on a university server but I have been wondering whether there may be a better alternative that is more suitable: easy to share, ability to import from other sources, and most importantly, security to prevent these images being lost by the service being shut down.

+ - Irish College Offers Cloud Computing Degree->

Submitted by Squeeonline
Squeeonline writes: From the article: "Cork Institute of Technology is to offer a world first in third-level education with a new degree in cloud computing.

It is hoped the course, which has been prepared in consultation with many top IT companies like EMC, Cisco and Microsoft, will boost Ireland's bid to become a global leader in the sector."

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Comment: Re:Brilliant! (Score 1) 300 300

by Squeeonline (#35854738) Attached to: Armenia Makes Chess Compulsory In Schools
My problem isn't with chess at all. I think it's great, and really does teach you think differently than normal school activities. My problem is with the teaching it in school. A surefire way to guarantee that everyone will hate it, just like maths. They should instead insist that the children "stop wasting their time with silly games like chess", and watch it take off!

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