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Comment Re:Now I know I'm among friends here on slashdot (Score 1) 840 840

Vodka is not among the spirits that carry a lot of variation. They all taste pretty much the same, some more or less harsh, but the taste is equivalent. Given you seem to like the taste of rubbing alcohol, I doubt your opinion of beer is all that experienced. Rum on the other hand does have many variations and doesn't need to make fancy looking bottles to push a brand.

Comment Re:Mod me down, but... (Score 1) 310 310

I find patents like these hardly on par with something like the combustion engine or other real inventions. What we have here is just user interface stuff. It is no different to when MS received a patent for double clicking. I am open to being corrected on this though. What is it about this patent that truly was innovative? Also, I think there is a fine line between an innovative invention and one that takes existing technology and "combines" it. Remember, a lot of patents were granted because something that existed had "with a computer" added and recently adding "with a mobile device" or "on the internet" to the patent application instantly became a patent. These kinds of things are iterative which, if I am not mistaken, should fail to meet the criteria for a patent.

Comment Subsidized? (Score 1) 334 334

Why is it that everyone talks about this subsidizing? When I bought my Nexus One, AT&T didn't offer me a break because I paid full price on my phone. There is no discount at all, there is no subsidizing in this equation. The only down side to buying a phone with contract is the contract life itself.

Comment Re:Cultural Identification in Food (Score 1) 362 362

He addresses his potato comment in a different thread. I would link to that answer but slashdot is not letting me right click and copy the link. As for the hamburger, If I am not mistaken, what was originally coined hamburg steak was a form of steak tartare and it wasn't until German immigrants in America actually made their own version of this patty and put it between two slabs of bread that we got the hamburger we know and love today. Feel free to correct me on this, but it is what I had read and known for a while. At the same time, why don't you share some of your knowledge by correcting the wrongs that someone may have unknowingly spread? We are all here learning from each other and our experiences. Or is it just easier to dismiss it based on a small cross section of a very large whole?

Comment Re:Cultural Identification in Food (Score 1) 362 362

Not sure if this is ignorance or an obvious troll. If it is the former, please check out the following comment who has answered this misguided opinion of American Food. http://politics.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=232001&cid=18857113 If it is the the latter, then I fell for it.

Comment Re:Forget certification, look at some projects (Score 1) 453 453

Agree. And let me add this bit. Test them yourself! We had a run of really bad programmers until I wrote a test that shouldn't take more than an hour if you actually know what you applied for. Once implemented, I started seeing degree after degree and certification after certification stumble through the test. Some took 6 hours (seriously, after 2 hours, you should have left and saved everyone their time). It got so bad I started doubting my test and was in the process of making an easier version until a couple people actually completed it. We hired those who finished the test correctly and they have essentially ended our dry spell of under qualified candidates. Portfolios, and resumes can be inflated and lied on. And background checks help some, but there was one employee who gave us his friends from their old company who would lie for them. Testing them yourself is the best way to filter the unqualified.

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