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Comment Re:ISP provided modem (Score 1) 76

I have a DLink docsis 3.0 cable modem I bought for $65 on sale about a year ago. Before that I was renting one from Comcast for $5 a month. Next month the DLink will have paid for itself, and anything after that will be gravy.

It's been working fine so far, haven't noticed anything different from the Motorola one that I was renting.

Comment Re:But... but... (Score 1) 231

Aside from the top dog Wordpress, the next two popular CMS are Joomla and Drupal. Which also use.... php

It's like that in ecommerce also. The #1 ecommerce software is Magento (php). #2 is Woocommerce (php). #3 is Prestashop (php). #5 and #7 and #8 are also in php. Something like 60 to 70% of all ecommerce sites on the internet are in php. 2015 ecommerce platform rankings

Comment Re:People still don't know? (Score 1) 342

Do you even live here? Anyone who has remotely paid any attention to it in the last 10 years by reading local (small) newspapers knew as soon as the proposal went through that this whole thing was

1) totally unneccessary; who the hell wants to go from LA to Fresno?
2) zero interest from the public, meaning it will not attract enough riders
3) benefit politicians and the well-connected: such as, husband of Diane Feinstein (the infamous senator) - who won a $1 billion contract

Comment Re:So which one is it? (Score 2) 168

Exactly. Now that a good protocol has been established, it should be relatively simple to shut down the mystical kooks once and for all. Or validate them.

Run the experiment under intense laser and observe the atoms with your eyeballs. Then run it again with same intensity laser, but do not observe it, don't even record it for future use. Compare the amount of tunneling for both.

The problem so far as I can see has been that quantum physicists didn't say "shooting photons on an experiment changes the results", which is what most people are thinking. They said "observing" it changes the results. But they're are not the same thing.

Comment Re:License Plates and registrations ... (Score 1, Interesting) 223

Cars and airplanes are big and expensive they're easy for gov't to control. You can't hide a Buick or Cessna in your backpack and stealth fly them.

Drones are too cheap and small. Mandatory registration and regulation probably isn't going to work well.

Most effective way to control idiots flying drones near airports would be to shoot them down. But currently we don't have a good technology to do this. Shooting at it with firearms or RF jamming are not good ideas due to collateral damage they cause.

I'm thinking some enterprising guys could make an anti-drone drone for this. You make a specialized drone that detects another drone flying, flies to it and attaches itself to the target via a net or cables and thus bring it down safely.

Comment Re:Overblown headline (Score 3, Insightful) 84

Yeah, pretty much. Computer sorts through a massive data set, compiled and fed to it in a convenient format by... humans.

I would be more impressed if they gave the computer eyes and it scanned people walking around and was able to spot some behavior that humans missed. But of course machine vision being what it is currently, computer might not even be able to tell a human apart from a squirrel.

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