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Comment Re:That's messed up (Score 1) 198

I'm assuming you're talking about desalination. That requires a lot of energy, and there's no way short of a revolution in fusion technology...

Maybe he was talking about desal, but what I wanna talk about is giant flying fan blades. Compact fusion generators in the sky, turning giant fan blades. They can blow rainclouds into areas that need rain and away from areas that have too much rain.

Farfetched? Only the compact fusion generator part. If we have those then the possibilities are endless.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 411

But seriously. If I had to sell a product that was potentially harmful, the first thing I'd do as soon as stories about the harm it can do start to surface is to launch a flood of even more outlandish claims (like smart meters burning your house or killing your pets) to make the original, correct, claims look like yet another batch of crazy loonies having a field day.

It's basically misinformation 101.

You just described the history of government involvement in UFOs.

Comment Re:Incremental improvements are a good thing (Score 1) 69

Yes, in a perfect world, companies would have perfect device security and it wouldn't matter from which direction an attack came.

But here in the real world, there is no such thing as perfect security, and every little bit helps. They aren't suggesting you block TOR and ignore your firewall and stop updating patches, just that among other security measures, this might help.

Anyway, what possible legitimate use could TOR have in a corporate environment outside of a media organization?

Exactly right. Every little bit helps.

If your company has no Chinese customers or suppliers or employees and does no business in China whatsoever, why not block China from your network? It's simple to do and costs nothing. Nobody is suggesting that you drop all your other security practices and rely just on blocking Chinese IPs.

Comment Re:"Only in flash" -- WTF? (Score 5, Interesting) 60

I'm seeing two rectangular divs with F in them (Flashblock extension at work). Just out of curiosity, I went to slashdot on my iphone, and it plays an html5 version of the video. So it's not a case of slashdot workers being so incompetent that they're unable to use html5, it's more like they decided to keep playing flash video for desktop users (for backward compatibility for people with old browsers) while serving up html5 for mobile users.

Comment Re: Asian the most represented? (Score 1) 183

Who's we? The SJW (social justice warriors) behind these stories are a miniscule percentage of the population. Mainstream media loves them but nobody else really cares much.

Slashdot is heavily left-leaning but even here you will see very little support for affirmative action in hiring more black and hispanic programmers. Most liberals still have some sanity, the SJWs are a tiny fringe element.

Comment Re:Asian the most represented? (Score 5, Informative) 183

It didn't say "most represented". It said "most overrepresented".

If whites are 70% of the population and Asians 15%, but among computer programmers whites make up 60% and Asians are 30%, then Asians are overrepresented in that field. Comprende?

Comment Re:buh, bye (Score 2) 494

'm curious, what probability do you estimate that Trump will be the next US President?

As far as Trump actually becoming President, it depends greatly on what happens on the Dem side.

Trump winning GOP nomination is actually quite plausible, I'd put the odds at 60%.

Trump vs. a greatly weakened and scandal plagued Hillary has a good chance to win the Presidency. I would give it 70%. So in this scenario, 60% * 70% = 42% chance of a Trump White House.

If Hillary is arrested or forced out and it's Socialist Sanders vs. Trump, I'd put it at 50/50. That would make it 30% overall for Trump.

Vs. Biden is Trump's worst scenario. Biden is mainstream, has the full backing of Obama, and many establishment (i.e. big business) GOP supporters might prefer him over Trump. I'd say 25% of Trump beating Biden, and 15% overall for Trump.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 0) 414

It amuses me that all the left-leaning slashdotters are up in arms about H1B. I guess if it's YOUR job that's being threatened, ideology goes out the window.

Don't misunderstand me, I am also against H1B.

But if you replace "coders" and "H1B" with "manual laborers" and "guest worker program", well then that's all right, we have to help the poor brown people so sure let them all in. It's racist to keep them out.

Comment Re: Go abroad (Score 1) 414

You're crazy if you think a typical English speaker can pick up German in a couple of months. German is weird and not like English at all. It's hard, especially the coughing sounds that you have to make if you want to speak German properly.

Yes I'm aware that Old English came from the Anglo-Saxon language and they were closely related... thousands of years ago. Today? Just "Der die oder das" by itself will drive an American crazy.

Your other point is valid though, a computer programmer should have no problem getting by on English alone in Germany.

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