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Comment: Re:Farming (Score 3, Interesting) 727

by Spy Handler (#46738803) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

People can survive quite well without the care of physicians. Going without food is more difficult.

This. But we're talking about a deep understanding of agriculture and plant biology, not modern farming with GPS-guided combines and Monsanto round-up seeds.One would need to know how farming was done in ages past.

And also since we're assuming a post-apocalyptic world in which computer programmers are useless due to a lack of electricity, I'd say even more important than farming knowledge is fighting knowledge. Having guns and ammo (LOTS of ammo) and knowing how to use them. Shooting a gun accurately may seem simple to the uninitiated, but it takes considerable training and practice. Also knowing how to fix guns (gunsmithing) will be an important skill.

The holy grail in this world would be having the chemistry knowledge and experience to make your own gunpowder and ammo. If you could do that, you'd become THE most important person a local warlord could have in his court.

Comment: Re:Where will Graphene Vally be? (Score 1) 88

by Spy Handler (#46700765) Attached to: Samsung Claims Breakthrough In Graphene Chip Design

What? Only one of those accepts immigration in any significant numbers.

Japan is notoriously xenophobic and does not let immigrants in (hence the crazy search for robot nurses). Korea is only slightly less so. Chinese are generally not as xenophobic as these two, but China has so many people already that there's still a huge outflow of people out of China into all corners of the world.

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by Spy Handler (#46600715) Attached to: More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

Majority of the cars on the road are driven by a single driver with no passengers. Just look around next time you're driving.

I am unfamiliar with ham radio and I've never seen one in a car or a truck, so I will not comment. However semi truck drivers with CB radios are:
1. limited by radio protocol and the half-duplex nature of radio as to what they can talk about, and 2. limited to talking to a very small number of other truck drivers in transmission range.

On the other hand, drivers using cellphones are 1. talking about anything and everything, and 2. able to talk to ~90% of the human population.

Having kids throwing crap and yelling "DAD HE IS HITTING ME!" is certainly highly distracting. But go outside with a telephoto lens and sample a thousand cars. How many drivers are talking on their cell, and how many drivers are getting pelted by kids throwing stuff at them at any given moment?

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no, launch costs are expensive because they throw away all that carefully researched and manufactured hardware after one use.

A Boeing 787 is pretty expensive too, at like $300 million each (actually it would cost billions each if they made only a few of them as they currently do in the space industry). But they reuse it thousands of times and that's how you can fly in one for a few hundred bucks.

SpaceX Grasshopper will be key to the future of space exploration.

Comment: Re:NASA needs SpaceX. SpaceX doesn't need NASA. (Score 1) 292

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You do realize the last time this happened, humans were hunter-gatherers using stone tools, and we survived just fine. Why would you think that the world's gonna end the next time the magnetosphere collapses and reverses polarity?

Sure some of our societies and governments might collapse, but humans as a species are in no danger of extinction.

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but the simple method of firing 10% of the worst teachers and reassigning their students to the rest does more to improve schools than anything else.

Most teachers know who the worst of the worst are. Principals know.

If union rules make such an act impossible, keep these 10% worst teachers on payroll and have them sit around watching youtube, but send their students to better teachers.

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*You* are hearing the same thing over and over again. There are other people who might be seeing this for the first time.

Or am I wrong and the entire ad industry is insane? Everybody at Google is insane?

When you have an important message to convey to the masses, it makes sense to repeat the message until everybody gets it or you reach a saturation point where it might backfire.

Beta sucks btw, but they can keep it as long as I can go into settings and choose the classic skin.

Comment: We are also getting snubbed by Slashdot BETA (Score 0, Offtopic) 578

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like the cord-cutters who are getting shafted by NBC/cable companies, we Slashdot users are getting boned by Dice with the forced Beta.

Make all the beta skins you want, but allow logged-in users to choose Classic.

The day Classic disappears as an option is the day 90% of slashdot members are gone.

Comment: Re:" we migrate our audience..." (Score 4, Informative) 232

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I can't promise we'll implement every suggestion (indeed, many are contradictory), but we absolutely consider them.

You only need to implement ONE suggestion and everyone will be happy. Let people continue to use Classic interface if they choose. That's all you need to do.

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Actually I feel the same way about San Francisco. Once every century or so they enjoy a magnitude 9 earthquake. Obviously not the best place to build a densely populated city. Yet after the last magnitude 9 quake, the city leaders and rich elites deliberately downplayed the damage and death toll because they wanted people to come back to the city. They were protecting their wealth, which were tied to the S.F. real estate values.

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