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by Spugglefink (#48454427) Attached to: Multi-National Crew Reaches Space Station

Even if all of Mars was habitable, it would only add one quarter additional Earth surface. But it isn't. And the rest of the solar system is even less hospitable than Mars.

That's why in the long run, we've got to get out of the solar system and plant colonies somewhere else. Mars isn't an interesting end destination, but getting to Mars would help pave the way to start sending colonies out to all those exoplanets we keep discovering, and hoping one of them is habitable.

This may actually be impossible. I've been working up a novel whose premise was a completely believable last ditch survival shot at colonizing the stars with as little new technology as possible. What if some dinosaur killer event is going to happen in the present time, and we've got to just get it done? My novel stalled out, because I'm going to have to invent far more magic than I wanted to make this remotely believable. The problems are immensely daunting, and we're nowhere close to being able to solve them.

We might never solve them. If we don't, our extinction is 100% guaranteed unless some friendly space faring neighbors give us a lift off of this rock. We won't go extinct in the foreseeable future, probably, but it's inevitable that we will go extinct eventually.

Much as we are hard wired to kill our neighbors, fuck their women, and take all their shit, we are hard wired to survive. We want to live forever, which is why we have invented so many religions that allow us to pretend that we get to do just that. To anyone who truly understands the inevitability of the sun going red giant and scorching our home planet, remaining entirely on this one rock runs counter to the innate human survival instinct, and the innate raping and plundering instinct. Thinking about how to get us off this rock isn't a flight of fantasy, it's a compulsion, and the most critically important problem we need to solve in the long run to ensure our version of eternity for ourselves.

Do we accept extinction, or do we figure out how to get this done? Personally, I don't want to accept extinction. A very small minority of us have enough foresight to agree, while the vast majority are playing shuffleboard on the poop deck of the Titanic saying the sun will be around forever and ever, and anyway, Jesus will save us, so why invest in all this crazy space fantasy when we could be spending money on yachts and luxury cars instead?

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People Eating Tasty Animals says hell yeah. I'm sure there's a big market for mammoth if we resurrect the species, and I'm sure nothing could go wrong, like them turning into velociraptors or something.

Besides, just think of the absolutely ridiculous new cartridges you'll be able to buy. Shoulder-fired artillery, just like our ancient ancestors used to use on mammoth hunts. Flint spear, 1000 grain projectile flying at 4,000 fps, they're almost totally the same thing!

And besides, if we resurrect an ice age species at the peak of global warming, we'll have to hunt them back into extinction so they don't die from heat exhaustion! Win!

(As an aside, I find it really awkward that I'm a long-time treehugger who has actually started hunting normal game for food purposes with reasonable rounds. I'm serious about eating these things and I'm still a snarky hippie wannabe making fun of hunting generally too. I think I'm finally schizophrenic now. I've been working on it for a long time. Next up, I should go beat up a homo and then have sex with a dude.)

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by Spugglefink (#48358953) Attached to: Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming

I heard the big news that this Steam thingie was coming to Linux. Wow, now we have games! I haven't played games since I left Windows, in 2001. Cool.

So I installed the Steam thingie, and I dug through hundreds of games that looked sort of maybe interesting. None of them ran on Linux. Then I figured out how to find the Linux games. There was some stuff there, $10 here, $15 there, but I had no idea what any of that crap was, or whether it would even work. I continued digging until I found a game that kind of sort of maybe possibly looked like it could be interesting, and it was free.

I installed it, and got a black screen. My computer isn't foofy enough to run that game. Or any game, apparently.

After thinking about it for awhile, I realized I would never get anything done if I started wasting time playing games. I used to play games when I only worked 30-40 hours a week, but I haven't played one since the Wii came out. I bought exactly one game for the Wii, and they never did release a second game for that platform that looked interesting. I never played anything on the PS2 after the last Spyro game.

Games suck.

My son disagrees. He grew up on Linux pretty much from his first real experience using a computer. He's almost as good with Linux as I am. He bought a ridiculously impressive $2,000 gaming machine with teragigas and petaflops and stuff. He tried Steam. He bought a copy of Windows 7 to install on that thing.

There you go. Linux != games, but we will always have Tuxracer until the end of time.

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by Spugglefink (#48337815) Attached to: Enzymes Make Electricity From Jet Fuel Without Ignition

So what if any precautions would you take for jet fuel that you wouldn't take for say petrol or methanol or other common flammable liquids?

The main thing is that if the tank is ever used to haul any of those other common flammable liquids, you can't load jet fuel onto it. Every last scrap of the transport pathway has to be dedicated 100% to jet fuel, down to the last gasket. There are extra security and training requirements too.

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Why? You still need the jet fuel. The Petroleum Industry still gets their cut. They may actually sell more jet fuel if this works out. Imagine every battery replaced by a canister of jet fuel. It would be the Petroleum Industry's dream.

It would be the petroleum transportation industry's dream too. Jet fuel requires expensive extra handling, which means more money everywhere.

I'm down. Sign me up.

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by Spugglefink (#48072067) Attached to: Test Version Windows 10 Includes Keylogger

Windows Technical Preview isn't available

Thank you for your interest in updating to Windows Technical Preview. Unfortunately, you can't install the preview on your operating system.

Get info about installing the preview on another device.

I can't upgrade to the newest Windows? Linux is a piece of shit. I want my money back!

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by Spugglefink (#48067807) Attached to: Diners Tend To Eat More If Their Companions Are Overweight

Doritos happened.

In all seriousness, when I was a kid growing up in the '70s and '80s, Doritos were like the most awesome thing ever, and I loved those things. Doritos, Oreos, Pringles and Fritos were my favorite pleasures on earth.

Two things have changed since then. First, I bet if I could go back in time and look at that "big" bag of Doritos I used to savor for a month or something, it was probably only a little bigger than a modern "big grab" bag, if not the same size. Second, I only got to eat any of the above foods once in a rare while, because they were "too expensive" to keep on hand. My staple diet growing up was home cooking from either my aunt or my mother.

We all need more home cooking, and less junk. Junk has its place, but too many of us make a staple diet of it, and I'm pretty close to being as bad for this as you can get. Some weeks I literally live on Doritos and Dr. Pepper and never have a real meal at all. Imagine, if you will, how it could possibly have come to pass that I am overweight, and about to turn obese. It helps nothing that I earn money by putting my ass in a seat and doing very little physical activity.

Unless you're a porn star or an athlete, there's just no money in physical activity.

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Human breast milk, along with broccoli, is another thing that tastes remarkably like shit.

I happen to know this one, because I went on an exploratory mission to try to figure out why our first born was starving to death. I found out soon enough. He wouldn't drink that shit either. Gross. Put him on some Similac 20 years ago, and now I no longer have to mow my lawn or take out the trash. Ha!

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