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Comment Re:But flights from West Africa are OK? (Score 1) 463 463


Because the loss in economic activity that would result would kill more people than Ebola.

Economic activity ??? This is what you get when profit is the driving force in the "health care industry".

Now is the time to make the whole nations health the priority.

Comment Re:Reagan is alive! (Score 3) 180 180

that man is responsible for every disaster on the globe since he ever was president..

No, no, the right will clam that their beloved President Alzheimer was non compos mentis when he signed 12333 and cannot be held responsible for fucking over the population.

Comment Re:"Thus ends "Climategate." Hopefully." (Score 1, Interesting) 497 497

The lobbyists for the coal and oil industries will spin this as a 'win'.

"See, I told you the Kenyan, Muslim, socialist, green, anti-American is trying to bankrupt the righteous, god fearing, flag waving, truck driving, ordinary American trying to protect his traditional way of life. Don't believe those liberal, elitist, heathen scientists. Donate here and vote this way. Thank you. "

This post should be read with the sarc filter on.

Comment Re:Actually there is a name for this behavior (Score 1) 114 114

It's called empty promises. The primary purpose of this merger is not nor will it ever be to take care of the poor. It merely serves to unhook the approval process that would create an internet oligarchy.

Cheap internet for anybody is the last thing that these guys want.

Remember the AT&T 768Kbps $10.00 a month naked internet service that was almost impossible to find. It was the short term bribe to get the BellSouth merger passed the regulators. This is Comcrap's version of the same three card monte.

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