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Comment: Re:Unfortunately, UK has become Uncle Sam's lapdog (Score 1) 1065

Yes, every 4 or 5 years we get a choice between 3 self-serving millionaires who all went to the same school. We should have picked the OTHER faceless clone. Thanks so much for pointing that out, It's lucky that America invented Democracy to help us out.

Comment: Re:who posts (Score 1) 326

by Splodgey (#40621859) Attached to: Holy iPad Slayer! Company Releases World's First Christian Tablet

......and trolling anonymously is healthy and constructive? It could be that we're both losers....but I'm the loser who doesn't see an Ipad as elitist. Some people (such as I) have fine motor skill issues and find Keyboard/mouse hard to use.

If you're purely on an anti-Apple troll however, I have an Android tablet too......but as much as I want it to be as good as an Ipad, it just isn't. Not for partisan reasons, it just isn't :-)

Comment: Re:Science fiction is not about the future... (Score 2) 210

by Splodgey (#38981647) Attached to: The Science Fiction Effect

Actually, if you read Asimov in chronological order, the computer 'evolves' throughout the books. It progresses from an entity akin to a mainframe, through to an 'Internet-type' structure and beyond. It posseses the sum of human knowledge and records of every action-reaction ever noted. So, Uncertainty Principle notwithstanding, it had a good basis for reasoned conjecture.

When It was at school I was thrown out of my Commerce class for being a smart-ass, asking 'the wrong questions'. I was relegated to the library for 2 hours a week for the rest of the year. That's where I discovered Asimov et al. Reading those caused me to look things up, to question the science behind them. The more I knew, the more I wanted to know. 30 years later I still want to know......that's why I'm here. To me there are no 'wrong questions'.

My kids use technology but they have no idea how or why it works, just as long as it does. That's sad. They can name 150+ Pokemon but have little clue what binary is, or why it matters.

We've come closer to Asimov's vision within my lifetime

If you're interested - The question that really infuriated my Commerce teacher was 'Why don't we just treat every business, regardless of size as an individual and then have a blanket flat-rate income tax?'. I still have no idea why that annoyed him. Thinking outside the box wasn't really encouraged at my stuffy Grammar school.

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