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Submission + - New Process for Nanoscale Filtration Holds Promise of Cheap, Clean Water (

Spinnakker writes: Lockheed Martin, traditionally known for its development military systems and aircraft, has developed a process for perforating graphene (carbon sheets only one atom thick) that could potentially reduce the energy required for desalination by two orders of magnitude. The process tailors the hole size to the molecules being separated. In the case of desalination, one would create holes in the graphene large enough to allow water to pass but small enough to block the salt molecules. The advantage to using graphene comes from how extremely thin the material is compared to traditional filters. The thinner the filter the less energy is required to facilitate reverse osmosis.

Comment Re:It's a good thing the military is still funded. (Score 3, Insightful) 422

... that's right, because NASA is the only group that creates technology useful to the general public. Oh wait, I think a few people ride jet airliners, watch TV or receive phone calls distributed by satellites and use called the Interweb or Webernets... I forget exactly what that last one is called...

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