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Comment: Way to Go, Intel! (Score 1) 223

by Spiffy (#37400908) Attached to: Intel Mandates Universities Receiving Funds Not File Patents

Kudos to Intel for doing something right (even though it is also in their best interest).

I wish the U.S. government would specify exactly the same condition. Today, taxpayers fund research, but then resulting discoveries are locked behind patents and used to extract more money (sometimes, as with pharmaceuticals, at staggeringly hyperinflated prices) from the people who paid for them.

Comment: Are they crazy? (Score 1) 683

by Spiffy (#37106108) Attached to: Mozilla To Remove User-Facing Firefox Version Numbers

I updated to Firefox 5 (I think) on my Mac, and found scrolling to be annoyingly stuttery, even on apparently simple pages. After much searching on the web, I finally found the installer for Firefox 3, and upon downgrading, everything worked perfectly again. I've learned my lesson about trusting Mozilla to provide correct, working code in the latest versions.

If they do move to an era where Firefox automagically always updates to the latest version, I'll stop using it.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 210

by Spiffy (#36920412) Attached to: How Google Killing Accounts Can Leave Androids Orphaned

Not arguing with you, but I'm just curious.

If Google cuts off one account and you have to create another to get back the functionality of your Android phone, what happens to the apps? Do you still have full access? Can you re-download them from the marketplace?

I would expect that you'd lose a lot if you had to change your Google identity to work your Android phone, but I don't have experience with them, so I honestly don't know

Comment: I've seen this before! (Score 1) 560

by Spiffy (#36869486) Attached to: Google+ Account Suspensions Over ToS Drawing Fire

A few months ago, I tried uploading a Word document to Google Docs and shared it with some friends. Then I discovered that the import process had damaged the doc, so I deleted it.

I guess because my doc was shared and its removal took it away from my friends, my account was immediately suspended "for suspicious activity." I was locked out of my email and my blog disappeared. The only way back in was to "prove" I'm me by giving Google a telephone number (!), which a hacker (if there had really been one) could have done to take over my identity.

I like the sound of Google+, but I am afraid to try it because there is no telling what minor misstep may get a user locked out of everything at once.

Comment: It's Just Annoying in Comics (Score 2) 373

by Spiffy (#35797242) Attached to: The Decreasing Impact of Death In Sci-fi

Ever since the death of Superman woke up an audience for DC, every couple of years they kill or maim someone iconic just for the publicity. Ho hum. Whatever the news, even if it's only a costume change, you know everything will be put back the "old way" in a year.

Marvel sacrificed their rich continuity by getting in on the "reboot" fad with the Ultimate line, and at DC, lots of epic stuff happens, but after you read for a couple years, you realize that none of it really matters to the DC universe's history.

I want canon, with changes that "stick" as it develops over time.

Comment: Re:"It's Apple's device" (Score 1) 980

by Spiffy (#31837714) Attached to: Will Adobe Sue Apple Over Flash?

What is anti-competitive? This article indicates that Adobe wants to be handed the right to put its proprietary, lock-in web video platform on Apple's phone. They are both closed systems. Should FOX News be forced to run Logo Channel programs (or vice-versa) in the name of viewer "choice"? Or should cable companies be forced to carry every channel that exists, regardless of what they have revenue to pay for? If Adobe feels they need a phone to promote their crappy, proprietary, lock-in platform, they can develop their own damn phone. Just like Apple did to promote its technologies and media store.

Comment: Of Course It's Insecure! (Score 1) 243

by Spiffy (#30940408) Attached to: Why "Verified By Visa" System Is Insecure

If somebody puts a keylogger on your Windows box, they'll get what they need no matter how many passwords you are required to type. Adding another password to the stack adds zero security; it just makes it easier for the credit card company to claim you are truly responsible for the transaction. "It can't possibly be fraudulent--it was Verified by Visa(TM)!"

I try to avoid doing business with anyone who requires me to go through VbV. I know it's not there to protect me.

Comment: ShadowMan!!! (Score 1) 1120

by Spiffy (#28851573) Attached to: Which Game Series Would You Reboot?

ShadowMan! The New Orleans / Voodoo theme is fantastic! I'd make ShadowMan more human-looking, like in the first game, and I'd make Deadside more visually interesting. And I would not make the challenges impossibly difficult or have a ridiculously hard control scheme, as in the awful ShadowMan 2. Basically, if the people who did HalfLife 2 were to do the same thing for ShadowMan, it would be frickin awesome!

Comment: Banks Don't Care (Score 1) 432

by Spiffy (#28836477) Attached to: Security Certificate Warnings Don't Work

I used to report certificate problems to my banks. Invariably the person in the data center would ask, "What browser are you using?" And when I told them Firefox or Safari, they would say, "well, you need to switch to Internet Explorer." They do not care about IE's lack of security. I click right thru bank security certificate warnings now, because I know it is pointless to report when certificates go out of date or have other problems.

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