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Comment: Re:Oh great, I wasn't hired ! (Score 1) 322

by SpectrumDT (#30322588) Attached to: Google Tries Not To Be a Black Hole of Brilliance
It seems to me that the various debaters in this thread are talking about completely different things. At what point did the hypothetical man in the example switch from "too brilliant to work for Google" to "tattooed and pierced unemployed loser"?

(On a side note, am I the only one who finds the prejudice against tattoos and piercings offensive?)

Apparently, by now the two sides of the debate are this:

1. It is wrong for a woman to leave a talented, dedicated husband who goes to a job interview and does not get this particular job.
2. It is OK for a woman to leave a lazy husband who does not want to work.

From my POV these two positions are not mutually exclusive at all. So what exactly are we fighting over?

Every successful person has had failures but repeated failure is no guarantee of eventual success.