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Comment Re:Poor Linux support (Score 2) 199

Zowie makes gaming mice that require no special drivers at all. They are no-bullshit, bling-free devices with top notch sensors that you just plug in and go. I have an FK1, and I'm very happy with it.

Roccat makes super-bling++ mice and they've actually provided kernel drivers and GPL configuration software for engaging all their bells and whistles. I've never used their stuff, so I cannot attest to its quality, but I'm intrigued because I've never seen a company provide Linux support like that.

Comment Summary is Wrong and Dumb (Score 5, Informative) 300

This bill is about requiring ISPs to shut off service to repeat copyright infringers, which the ISPs estimate will cost them (and by proxy, consumers) 500 million pounds.

It's not a "tax" and none of the money is going to subsidise the record and film industries, that's just complete crap from the summary writer, as is the crusty old "update your buisiness model, wah wah wah" copperlite.

The bill is also completely retarded, but you do no service to your cause by misrepresenting (and apparently, not even understanding) the enemy.

Comment Speaking of hypocrisy... (Score 5, Insightful) 315

How can this be stealing?

Nothing physical was lost, only data was copied and Plurk lost nothing!

Also, it's not piracy, because we all know that piracy only happens on ships at sea!

Therefore, it is only logical that the title of this article be changed to "Microsoft Shares Code with Microblogging Startup".

Comment Re:The next thing is "flaps", 26 character max (Score 1) 150

I figure we'll skip this step and go right to the logical end of this progression of non-communication.

The next big thing will be "Grunter" -- one syllable "grunts" that you can use to express your emotions to anonymous strangers on the internet who will pretend to be interested in you as long as you subscribe to their "grunts".

I've already patented this six ways from Sunday, so don't even think about getting your grubby dick-beaters anywhere near my idea.

Ugh! You heard it here first.

Comment Re:question to poster (Score 1) 291

Actually, I agree with you, and I think the organization's approach to the matter is dumb, and Google has every right to just remove the content.

I just think it's telling that of the actual quotes being addressed by /. posters, most of them are along the lines of "fuck that greedy bastard who wrote that Rick Astley song and is already rich and wants even more money for his 20 year old song so boycott him and everybody else who is a member of that organization", rather than even grazing the larger questions about how songwriters can be compensated for their work when the younger generations have been raised to believe "if it's available on the Internet, it's free"?

Comment Re:question to poster (Score 1) 291

Question to poster: how does it follow from their statements that the music writers are clueless?

The individual songwriters' requests for compensation injects cognitive dissonance into the minds of the people who insist that only Big Evil Corporations with their Obsolete Buisiness Model want people to pay for music (to finance Lear jets and hot tubs full of hookers for fatcat executives), and that the Brave New World of music is that all music is free and all artists support themselves through touring and merchandise, and all the greedy recording executives are out of a job, and therefore you are entitled to download whatever copyrighted works you can find for free while congratulating yourself for helping to bring about a new utopia for musicians.

Therefore, the music writer's statements must be discarded as clueless, otherwise you have to accept that you're not just sticking it to The Man when you download free stuff, you're sticking it to the actual creator.

Comment A Far Less Brain-Damaged Solution (for Linux) (Score 5, Interesting) 346 MP3FS, a virtual file system that transcodes your FLAC files to MP3 on the fly (including metadata).

Just keep all your FLAC files on PC or NAS, and when you want to load them on a player, copy them from the MP3FS directory.

You don't need to keep duplicate lossy files around, and you don't have huge chunks of lossless music taking up space on a player that can't play them anyway.

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