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Comment: Re:Wii = meh? Not so fast... (Score 1) 371

by SparkyFlooner (#19973315) Attached to: Where the Wii Fits In
"The issue isn't that it can't play them, it is that there are almost none in that direction in development..."

I've run out of breath saying "It's too early.", so I'll simply wheeze.

Anyway, in response to everything else, let me just say, bon voyage. The Wii is not for you. Move along. Get a 360 or a PS3 and get on with your life. You have defined a hardcore game as "anything that is not on a Wii". So what can I say. The controls are gimmicky because they can't be used for 'hardcore' games. Your argument is as rediculous as your definition of 'hardcore' games which, by the way, you haven't defined. But once you do define it, I'm quite sure I can call it rediculous, too, as nobody else on the forums will agree with it.

So in the end, I'll simply rebut your anecdotal evidence with my anecdotal evidence and say I'm a hardcore gamer, and I like the Wii.

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