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I object to the phrase word "Man in the Middle Attack" because that phrase has a very specific meaning. This is not a MITM attack -- at least not a successful one. The submission suggests that the corporation is exploiting some security vulnerability, when really it is just using trust in a completely appropriate* way.

*Note that all of my comments are about computer security, not acceptable corporate behavior. Whether this is a case of corporate douchebaggery is a separate issue. I didn't comment on that part of the issue because it doesn't interest me.

Comment: Re:if you're not interested in computers.... (Score 1) 527

by SparkleMotion88 (#36543574) Attached to: Why Johnny Can't Code and How That Can Change
The problem is that people entering college now are too young to remember when they were first exposed to computers because computers are everywhere and they've had them all their life. I remember being excited about my family's first computer (and IBM PC XT) and wondering how it works, but that was because I was 9 at the time. Computers are so commonplace today, and many are not even recognizable as computers, that we shouldn't expect kids to have an immediate sense of wonder about them.

Another issue is that young people probably see computers and software as these mystical things that are handed down to us from large, powerful companies like Apple and EA. So they may need to be informed that it is within their means to tinker with software and build things on their own.

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by SparkleMotion88 (#34411058) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly Working On TV Service For Xbox 360

Even if you have the codecs installed, it cannot browse or play non-WTV or DVR-MS without the use of something like MediaBrowser (which itself, is a slick application).

I feel compelled to correct this in case others misunderstand you and it reflects poorly on Media Center. Media Center can play videos in a variety of containers and codecs. I commonly put m4v files encoded using h.264 in my "videos" folder. Media center picks them right up and allows me to play them (even on my extenders). Perhaps what you mean is that you can't play these files from your "Recorded TV" folder (perhaps this is the case -- I've never tried it).

Comment: Re:Trying to find the words... (Score 3, Funny) 391

by SparkleMotion88 (#34179394) Attached to: Real-Life Gadgets For Real-Life Superheroes
Agreed. I think the douchebaggery peaked at this point:

"Right now, the suit is still largely on the drawing board...We are just finishing up the ideation phase and beginning design and prototyping.”

Still, this part gives me an entertaining mental image of some superhero trying to get tech from his supplier, only to be met with a Dilbertesque sequence of overhyped marketing, corporate buzzwords, and eventual disappointment.

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There were *NO* commercials on television touting the new product.

There were commericals on TV. For over a week now. I saw them while watching football (which is the only time I watch live TV and therefore commercials). They weren't very memorable, though. Didn't tell me much about the product and they certainly didn't make me want to buy the thing.

Sorry about the sentence fragments. Been reading too much Cormac McCarthy.

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The difference between the internet and space is that only advanced western states have access to space. All states feel like they need to protect their own resources on the internet from hackers (mostly non-state actors), so they will want complete freedom when deciding how to do that. As soon as western countries believe that Al Qaeda (or whoever we are afraid of at the time) has any change of destroying their satellites, they will pull out of the Outer Space Treaty for the same reason.

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