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Comment: Re:I have but two questions: (Score 1) 106

by Sparhawk2k (#36300536) Attached to: <em>StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm</em> Details Released
I'm not saying there aren't VERY valid reasons for that. But I also think we're not representative of the market as a whole and to try to extrapolate totals based on conversations on here isn't the best approach. I would like to think that people at these companies have done their research...

Comment: Re:And all for what? (Score 1) 417

by Sparhawk2k (#36181238) Attached to: Google Is Serious, Chrome 13 Hides URL Bar
I can hit Ctrl-L with my left hand. I've got a Ctrl key on the right side of the keyboard as well the left, on both my laptop and external keyboard. And actually, not that I usually use either, but Ctrl-D is easier in this case because I can use my thumb and any finger from a more natural position without bending it under my finders or changing the angle.

Comment: Sony and Netflix (Score 1) 1162

by Sparhawk2k (#35869982) Attached to: Why Has Blu-ray Failed To Catch Hold?
Because I hate Sony and don't want to have to worry about connecting my movie player to the Internet to make sure discs will play? I don't want another device in my life that I have to troubleshoot randomly late at night.

Plus, I'm just using discs less in general. I'm much more likely to browse around on Netflix streaming for something to watch than I am to go get a DVD. It's more convenient and I've already got more in my queue than I have time to watch.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 2) 78

by Sparhawk2k (#35783656) Attached to: Facebook Plans To Show Ads On Websites

I wonder how they did it before Facebook?

That's missing the point. What they're saying is that people they're trying to invite now only use Facebook. And don't necessarily respond to other options. I'm sure you could call every single person (if you even have their number since some people don't bother sharing that as much these days) but even then the people aren't getting Facebook reminders so they might not remember it.

Comment: Re:Impact of video games (Score 2) 241

by Sparhawk2k (#35411450) Attached to: Go For It On Fourth Down? Ask Coach Watson
Sample size also has a lot to do with why baseball is such a game of numbers. Even with 600 at bats and thousands of pitches per player it can still take a couple years to collect enough reliable data to make predictions for the future. I don't follow a lot of other sports but I have noticed that in many the quantifiable actions take place less often per person per year.

Comment: Re:Putting the snideness of the summary aside... (Score 1) 663

by Sparhawk2k (#34865044) Attached to: Ars Thinks Google Takes a Step Backwards For Openness
Chrome was created to push a better web environment that will help Google make money in other ways, not to make money in itself. Now, that doesn't mean you should forget that Google exists to make money. But it does put Chrome itself in a slightly different light.

Comment: Re:will you have to pay for incoming and roaming (Score 1) 256

by Sparhawk2k (#34259166) Attached to: Emergency Broadcast System Coming To Cell Phones
Verizon at least already has a system in place for free texts. They send them occasionally for account/billing information and they don't get counted against your usage. I'm assuming it's the same thing.

But having them blocked is an interesting one... Obviously if they're free that solves the problem if that's why the person blocked them. But if they have other reasons and you send them anyways that might be an invasion of privacy. Though really, you don't sign up for them to do it on TV and they do. It's for emergency purposes only...

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