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Comment: Re:Why do people hate on game degrees? (Score 1) 143

by SpaghettiCoder (#18521641) Attached to: Future Game Coders - Online Education or College?
The computing/IT sector is rife with jealousy. You note my nick is SpaghettiCoder? Just the nick has done enough to earn me a stalker or 2 here on Slashdot, and a wannabe hacker who continually scans my ports from the Slashdot server, and I hardly ever get modded up. Just from the name "SpaghettiCODER". It's 'cos the majority of people here can't code, and they deeply resent anyone who can. Such jealousy.. Game programming is regarded as a glamorous job. So you won't find many well-wishers if you're going to take a degree in that.

It's not my field, but I've picked up a few hints and tips by hanging around at which is a good place for amateurs and pros.

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