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Halo was originally developed on the Mac, then bought, then ported to console, then ported to PC, then ported to back to Mac. it started as a computer game, and the best graphics/playability are always on the computer (mac or pc) due to mouse aim precision, resolution, etc etc. Consoles are for children.

Comment: Cortana (Score 4, Interesting) 387

Cortana was Master Chief's AI companion (the big space marine carrier's AI computer) in the original Halo game. I still hate that Microsoft bought Bungie, and now they're going to milk the shit out of that IP by naming the rip-off of Siri Cortana. I grew up playing the Marathon series on Mac, and when I first played Halo I saw that all the same stuff was there, just fleshed out into awesome 3D so I was like "yay Bungie" and then Microshit shit all over Halo 2 with their Vista "DirectX 10 required" lies etc. Halo 2 worked well on XP with the Vista checks removed. /ramble

Comment: Boycott California (Score 5, Insightful) 1482

by SpaceManFlip (#46632361) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights
If the torch & pitchfork crowds are going after this dude now because he supported CA Prop 8, shouldn't they also call for a boycott of the state of California? You know, since a majority of their voters voted for the infamous Proposition 8 and passed it. I would say that voting for it counts as supporting it, right?

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by SpaceManFlip (#46596043) Attached to: Prototype Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy
this concept has been used for awhile in UPS (battery backup) systems with a giant heavy flywheel on a generator-type spindle, which is kept spinning by electric motor power until the power goes off and then the rotating energy is put out into a generator to output AC power to critical electronics

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I've been wasting a ton of time on DayZ Epoch (a mod of the Mod) which is like a combination of the zombie survival MMO-FPS with Minecraft and RPG elements.

You can buy and sell stuff for gold etc, and buy a real estate plot anywhere that's not taken already and build a base from raw materials to hide your valuables in or battle from like a fort. Vehicles are own-able and lockable etc. It is amazeballs.

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by SpaceManFlip (#45917967) Attached to: Many Mac OS Users Not Getting Security Updates
You can get Metro: Last Light on Mac OS. Also there are some other nice new ones like Bioshock Infinite etc.

If you wanted any of those Windows-only business applications you could always just run XP or 7 in a virtual machine. Parallels is fast due to hardware acceleration but it costs money, and VirtualBox is free but not quite as fast. I know of a CEO who uses a MacBookPro exclusively, where all of the business software is Windows-only and he uses ether Parallels or Boot Camp for the odd occasion when he wants to delve into the workers' business output.

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by SpaceManFlip (#45892053) Attached to: Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing

I want to have a second computer inside my computer to do all the maintenance and shit that I don't want to do.

So basically another processor core?

No a separate fully-functional system that works regardless of the state of the main rig, like the article's SD-card-case-sized system, that could easily fit inside any desktop computer or regular laptop case.

Comment: Yo dawg I hurd U like computers... (Score 1) 219

by SpaceManFlip (#45891573) Attached to: Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing
... So we put a computer inside your computer so you can have a computer run computations while you use the computer inside the computer and on the computer!

I want to have a second computer inside my computer to do all the maintenance and shit that I don't want to do. Let the microcomputer be wired in to the PCI-Express bus with a bidirectional link and trusted association to access the files and the hardware sensors... it can do virus scans and monitor things, maybe even repair things if the main system goes down... etc

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Let's turn that "logic" on to the Chicago situation: how many murders are committed in Chicago with semi-automatic handguns or revolvers? Answer= IDK A LOT > 0.

Yet Chicago has been banning the legal sale to lawful owners of handguns for a long time. Gun Control fails. Criminals Murder.

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Fortunately where I used to live I was empowered with freedoms and I got my first gun at about age 8 or 10. I learned responsible gun safety and marksmanship at a good age and my parents kept it for me so that I was only allowed to use it under supervision.

2 or 3 decades later after continuous gun ownership I still haven't shot any people or had any firearms accidents resulting in human injury. Additionally I retain the ability to secure meat for food and the ability to defend my home and family against malicious intruders.

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by SpaceManFlip (#45862205) Attached to: YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES
Yeah I hear a lot of 4K hype but it's all just noise to me because NOBODDY GON' BUY DAT SHIT when it costs $1000+

Plus the TV industry is far away from upgrading their equipment to produce the content.

Also, Internet pricing and availability sucks in America, yes.

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Snowden is the man. He accomplished what many previous whistleblowers attempted who were told "you don't have any proof, shut up." The shills who froth and scream traitor are on the side of evil, or they simply don't see that others had tried and failed and he did what he had to to expose the truth that needed exposing.

Big nerd with big balls, Snowden.

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