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Comment Re:bookmarks? (Score 1) 88

No problems here. Get a better mobile device.

No. That's a terrible answer with no thought behind it at all. Some people like their phone with a 3 inch screen. PDFs are not a format for display in all manner of layouts. You're just being silly.

Because I don't trust third party services. That lack of trust is obviously well-founded. I prefer to use fewer of them as a result.

Most people don't care. Also, most people aren't so technically inclined to build every service they might want from the ground up, or want the hassle of going through and manually moving files between things. If you're not the target market, fine. But don't try to apply your own perspectives onto everyone else.

Comment Re:bookmarks? (Score 1) 88

PDFs are not good for reading on mobile devices, not even counting the extra effort to get it there. And why would you expend that effort when you could ... not?

I'm all for decreasing reliance on closed services, and I think Firefox building this in isn't a move consistent with their principles, but pocket is quite useful and functional tool.

Comment Re:Old style (Score 2) 88

That's not what it's for. It's not for bookmarking things you visit regularly, that's what bookmarks and history are for. It's for saving articles you want to read later. Personally, I find that bookmarks suck for that as it's not their use case.

Then you go on about how most content isn't original and what's the point anyway. What are you even doing reading slashdot then? Seriously, your "I don't understand how this works, and it's probably useless anyway now get off my lawn" head-in-sand ignorance is something you should sort out.

You don't have to use things if you don't find them useful, that's fine. But don't go complaining about the uselessness of things when you don't even understand them.

I seem to be having a grumpy morning.

Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 1) 153

To be fair, it's not really the G+ crowd. It's the /. crowd who are on G+ that you're talking about here. Personally I use it because it's a source of interesting commentary from people, is pretty active in the fields I'm interested in, and I don't want to wade through the drama that seems to constantly be on Facebook.

But that doesn't mean I'm calling everyone still on Facebook stupid because they haven't moved, or whatever.

Basically, you're getting the wrong impression because you're looking at a tiny niche of vocal commentators on Slashdot.

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