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Comment: Re:If you're using GPL code, you have no choice (Score 1) 167 167

Well, I forgot to add that your Mickey Mouse Protection Act doesn't even apply here anyway. Unfortunately determining the details of what is/isn't public domain is still difficult:

but none of that means that it's a myth.

Comment: Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 1) 329 329

Well, in NZ the drivers have to have both a passenger license, and a private hire license, which is more than a taxi driver needs. The main issue is that you can either be paid by the hour, agreed before-hand, or you charge using a licensed meter. Uber does neither.

Comment: Re:What Wu does not write: (Score 1) 133 133

> Then users will slowly realize that the Google's search results are not trustworthy and they will move away from Google as the search engine. The market will correct itself.

And that's why we need people questioning what they're doing, so that people have more information available to determine whether they should trust Google or not.

Comment: Re:For anyone else wondering what the hell this is (Score 1) 207 207

They covered all that in the article. Not just how to turn it on, but why it's not on by default/exposed in the UI yet. Seriously, you can't fail to RTFA and then be all "I had to look this up" and "you need to be in a special club to use this" when it explains what's going on right there in front of you.

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892 892

The place to fix this is not at the employee level, by taking away their right to negotiate. The place to fix this is at the HR level, by firing them if they discriminate.

But, if one group of people is less willing to negotiate, discrimination from HR doesn't come into it really. You can't force people to negotiate.

I think you're right that it shouldn't have to be fixed at the employee level, I just can't really see another place that'd work (I'm no expert though.)

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