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by Eythian (#47597287) Attached to: Psychology's Replication Battle

Just to add to what you're saying, thought experiments can be perfectly valid in the physical sciences. Newton had a great one determining that differently weighted things falling will fall at the same speed (all other things being equal.)

If you assume that a light cannon ball will fall slower than a heavy one when you drop them, and then you tie them together, it stands that they must fall at a speed in the middle of what they will each fall at. But tying them together makes them effectively one object, so it'll fall faster.

Given these both cannot be true, everything must fall at the same speed.

This is a nice example (to me) of a though experiment that can provide useful results.

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Why would someone sue google? Google doesn't owe you free speech. They can put up whatever results they way. Only your government owes you free speech, not any corporation that happens to be somewhat American.

By them choosing to not show something, they aren't violating your constitution. They can't, they're not the US government.

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It's quite possible. I have a choice of power companies (and am planning to change some time soon.)

Here, generation, and retailing are all split up (not sure how lines maintenance works, I think that might be regional, but done though your retailer.)

This means a) I can pick my retailer, and b) they can compete, along with the generation companies.

(I'm not really contributing much here, just adding a little bit of possibly interesting information.)

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by Eythian (#47347779) Attached to: Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It

There's a section 'Dynamic Index', but I just noticed that it also opens in the lightbox, which still has no obvious way to actually add a term. ...oh, maybe it's a data loading error. I poked around the tabs in the lightbox for a bit, and then it populated. It seems to be coming up empty otherwise though.

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by Eythian (#47192559) Attached to: Turing Test Passed

The point of the turing test is that it's a thought experiment that says (loosely) that if you can't be sure if something is human or not, then you might as well consider it an AI. It might be a parlour trick, but that doesn't matter. If it can behave intelligent, then it effectively is. If it can have interesting discussions about the last GoT episode, or help you with that tricky bit on your maths homework, then it is effectively intelligent. Regardless of whether it's an algorithm or a squishy meat-based neural network.

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