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Comment: Re:Sorry, no "dirty tricks" campaign here... (Score 0) 1060

by Soothh (#34474062) Attached to: Wikileaks Founder Arrested In London

Ok. Finally got my login to work, so I dont show up as anonymous.

First, I agree that those are stupid laws you referenced.

But what I do have to tell you is this. "The problem with the Texas law is that it requires "the average person" to apply their own "standards" (read: right wing christians dictate what's decent; Clearly a loophole bypassing Church/State separation)."

There is NO law on separation of Church and State, it was in a letter AND it is often used far out of context. The original intent was ONLY to keep the government OUT of church business and NOT the other way around.

Comment: Re:Misleading summary; lean blog post (Score 1) 163

by Soothh (#23605641) Attached to: Gartner Reveals Top 10 Technologies For Next 4 Years
Gartner i think invented FUD.... I have yet to meet a gartner person that was capable of finding their arse with both hands and a flash light.

I have also yet to get a straight answer out of anyone from gartner... how they get away with charging for their "solution conference" phone calls ill never under stand.

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