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Comment Re: adblock plus (Score 1) 92

I'm old enough to remember that too. I feel as though I may remember it differently than you do, though. In no way would I describe the content back then as superior. I would describe the primary content which we have now on the good websites as in every way a desirable evolution. Little things like advertising and malware don't detract from that, and I don't necessarily find the commercial content on the web a problem, as long as non-commercial content is also there. I'd be really glad to see a return to the days without advertising though. I can afford to pay for the content I want, if it is priced reasonably. Then there's the fact that some content is there because the provider wants you to see it. They won't seek payment for that.

Comment Re: adblock plus (Score 1) 92

I'd actually be pretty happy to pay a small subscription to websites that I use all the time, and that seem to be worth it. Of course, there are a lot of websites that would die very quickly without advertising, and I don't object to that at all. They can go, and that is fine.

I think a reasonable subscription to a website I really like would be something like a $1 to $1.50 a month. If enough people are paying, that can easily cover the costs.

Of course I'd rather have those websites supported by voluntary donations. Lets not pretend that it doesn't work, just because Wikipedia are hopelessly greedy and over-ambitious. For many websites it can work fine. I know at least one for which it has worked for more than a decade.

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