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+ - The end is nigh for The Linux Game Tome ->

Submitted by Sodki
Sodki writes: The Linux Game Tome, one of the most important websites related to video gaming in GNU/Linux, will shut down on the 13th of April, according to a news post published on the website. The decision was made due to the "lack both the time and the ambition to do what is necessary to keep the site afloat", which has resulted in "spam clogging the forums, lack of updates and increasing brokenness of the site". This might not be the end, though. The maintainers of The Linux Game Tome will make available a dump of the games database, so that anyone interested can cook up a new and updated version of the website, and a worthwhile effort will be considered for a transfer of ownership of the domain. The current source code of the website, which is from 1999, will not be available because "it is not fit for human consumption".
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Comment: Re:the thing i don't understand (Score 2) 144

There are some nutty "animal lovers" out there, but I think most of those that are against easting meat do it in protest against the cruelty of how animals are raised for human consumption. As a meat-eater myself, I often think about this and I'm getting closer to be an almost full-time vegetarian. I don't have any problems eating the livestock that my parents raise, because I know they live a good life, full of great outdoors, and are treated with respect. But I've seen my share of farms and in some of them the conditions in which animals live are horrendous. This is the cruelty you speak of.

Comment: Re:Neat (Score 3, Interesting) 120

by Sodki (#39197649) Attached to: MINIX 3.2 Released With Some Major Changes

>It's great to see alternatives to GNU tools gaining ground. It's the only logical choice for embedded systems due to licensing. We're going to need to step up our game and make our own tools with threats like Wayland coming.

What threat does Wayland poses? It's MIT licensed. And X.org isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Comment: This is useful and hygienic (Score 1) 138

by Sodki (#34774794) Attached to: SEGA Brings Gaming To Public Restroom Toilets
The most disturbing consequence of this is that the urinals will be cleaner because people will try to piss inside the urinal now. I'm not joking. In a mall in my town someone remembered to make urinals with images of spiders and other bugs inside the urinals and the effect was notorious because people would then concentrate on pissing on the images inside the bowl!

Comment: Portugal's MBNet (Score 3, Informative) 242

by Sodki (#33100478) Attached to: Alternatives To Paypal's Virtual Credit Card Service?

Virtual every debit and credit card in Portugal can have access to MBNet, a nationwide initiative in which you can have your one time credit card numbers.

We actually have a pretty accessible banking system here in Portugal. We have a state regulated entity called SIBS that pretty much guarantees that every banking system should be able to talk to the others. In practive, this means that every bank has at least one ATM that is compatible with every debit and credit card in the country, and can be used for free, with no taxes for money withdrawal and other operations. It's pretty sweet.

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