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Comment Re:My program whitelists vs. those (Score 1) 235

You seem to have let trying to block advertising define your life a hell of a lot more than dealing with a few ads might have. Frankly, a loony for a loony cause. But hey, I guess if it helps you feel like you're contributing to something important ..

Comment I don't know why they rejected it. (Score 1) 308

I tried to get a story up here on that, I don't know why they rejected it.

I suspect I know why it was rejected. I've had posts moderated up to "5" and then flagged as "Flame bait" or "Troll" and moderated back down. When they get modded back up they get flagged as "Troll" or "Flame bait" again and moderated down. Does anyone really believe that a "Flame bait" post is repeatedly being modded up to "5" or is it more likely that someone who believes differently than me just wants to silence me? (And has no valid opposite view to contribute to the discussion.) I think you hit the same thing, a Slashdot staff member who simply didn't want to see that viewpoint discussed.

Comment Carly may have been outfoxed by a rock (Score 1) 308

Carly Fiorina pretty much seemed to be doing all she could to destroy HP. When she bought Compaq she was already thought to be ready to be pushed out the door and many even suggested her main motive in doing so was to get the board to wait and see how that purchase worked out before showing her the door, buying her some more time. And it is worth remembering that the purchase of ailing Compaq brought little or nothing to HP that they didn't already have, and was at a higher price than even what the Chinese bought the IBM PC business for and renamed it Lenovo.

So the deal with Apple was bad for HP? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!

Not that I would consider her malicious. Beyond putting her personal income beyond the needs of HP and all the employees that got laid off, I would say most of what happened under her reign was just due to incompetence.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 1) 138

I want my books the most when I'm away from an Internet connection. When I'm somewhere that I have a good Internet connection I have plenty to read or watch or listen to.

that, and there is no such thing as a cloud. It is just Amazon usurping that name and trying to confuse what it really is.

Comment Re:Flawed app (Score 1) 138

I didn't ask what your religion was, and I'm sure whatever app anyone uses they will claim to be the one true religion. I asked why, and if it can read from the SD card, and if it supports epub. Sorry, my fault for thinking that anyone here could give any useful information in a response.

Comment Flawed app (Score 1) 138

It isn't the tablet exactly, it is a flawed app in the tablet. Still, really a completely bullshit job on Amazon's part.

This isn't the first time I've seen this though. When I got a new Android tablet I couldn't find any ebook app that I really liked. I previously had one that came with an older tablet that worked great, read epub files and did a good job of sorting and indexing things and letting you sort what you had as you wanted. Couldn't move that to the new tablet and couldn't find a copy of it on-line in any of the app stores that I use. I did find one that looked a lot like it (maybe the same product but a newer version and with a company name change), but it could only see the books on the Internal storage. I contacted the publisher and after some hemming and hawing they acknowledged there was no support for the external memory card and they claimed they were "working on that". It is now over a year later and as far as I know there is still no support for it.

It would be useful to me and perhaps to others if readers here would state what app they like for Android for reading ebooks, why they like it, if it supports books stored on the external card, what formats it supports (in my case particularly epub) and so on.

Comment Re:customers don't like having choices restricted (Score 0) 222

True - but still worth it for the vast majority of things, especially with free two day shipping.

Beyond the free trial, the claim of free two day shipping is Bullshit. It is Prepaid Shipping, or shipping that you already paid good money for, not free shipping.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move on (Score 1) 348

conspiracy-addled mind? You must have me confused with Hillary Clinton, who used the "vast right wing conspiracy" to discount all of the Monica Lewinsky stories against her husband. It is amazing, but if we believe her, this supposed smartest woman in the world was absolutely the last one to know that the stories about her and Monica were true. And even after she explained her view of morality to the American people as "If I don't care who my husband is sleeping with then you shouldn't either".

Comment In other words (Score 2) 164

Wouldn't it be simpler and less confusing if you just reported the truth in simple terms: The U.S. telecom industry has decided to continue to screw up standards and make sure that their next generation equipment does not work with the rest of the world and likely not work with each other. Sprint has picked three different incompatible standards and will deploy all three and challenges its customers to guess which will still be supported the following year (while locking them into two year contracts but .phasing out their supported type of supposed 5G in much less time in their area). Prices will go up.

Comment Security from Who? (Score 1, Informative) 288

The only real way to protect yourself is external to Microsoft software, such as at the router. The router will not know if it is a security update or a simple "lets beta test the next release on the non-commercial chumps" software release. But the real issue is who are you concerned about security protection from? The only evil doers who have ever done me real harm are Microsoft themselves, back in XP SP1 days they rewrote my NIC EEPROM during a "security update" so that it would come up in an illegal default state and not work properly in Linux (and temporarily reset the NIC state to ordinary defaults when Windows was booted). I have to question who I'm trying to protect my system from, and the biggest evil out there seems to be Microsoft. So I no longer accept any Microsoft "security updates".

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move on (Score 2) 348

It isn't Libel when you state the truth. I know Slashdot would give up my ID in a second, but I'm not worried. But just in case I haven't made it easy enough for her to go after me, here's more:

In the Tyson case there were numerous securities violations as Tyson funneled money to the Clintons through her and their common broker, with a supposedly magical ability to profit in the futures market. Yea, I know it was investigated by a Democrat controlled congress and they said that they didn't find anything, but others did.

I don't know of anyone who knows the basic facts who believes that Vince Foster was a suicide, much less that Park Police should have been the principle investigators in the case. All things in this murder lead back to her.

Direct involvement in the Ron Brown murder is certainly harder to prove, but the amazing coincidences surrounding it including how many other people in the " Clinton Body Count " were swept out of the way by Airplane Fatalities make it clear to me that the Clintons were involved. If not her then Bill, but most likely both.

Comment Nothing to see here, move on (Score 4, Insightful) 348

The laws only apply to the little people, not the Clintons. If Whitewater, the Tyson payoff through bogus "futures investing", the Vince Foster murder, the Ron Brown murder and all the rest didn't even touch her, then a little thing like breaking a bunch of national security laws and lying about it isn't going to affect here either.

Comment for allowing perfectly legal Canadian pharmacies (Score 1) 372

Adding insult to injury, most of the drugs in question were developed, at least in part, at public universities in the USA with taxpayer money. And then the drug companies are allowed to sell them to Canada cheaper than they sell then in the USA and use legal abuse like in the summary to keep the lower cost same product from coming back into the USA.

And this isn't just rare drugs like mentioned in the article that are being gouged, last year the supply of a long generic drug allopurinol dried up and when it reappeared it was 5 to 10 times the previous price. Allopurinol is also used for prevention of gout and is listed by the the World Health Organization as one of the ten most important drugs in the world.

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