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Comment: Re:wot dafuq (Score 0) 206

by SirSlud (#49788119) Attached to: In a 5-star rating scheme, the new Mad Max film ...

"A poll about the new Mad Max film - i didn't even know a new release existed"

Are you sure you're not living in a bunker in Pakistan?

"... i can guess that the story is about a lonely girl that had a long career in IT as a twitter/facebook account manager, driving a Tesla around the Apple headquarters, assembling an army of H-1B warriors, so she can fight for social justice against the evil Republican gang that try to extend the copyright period of a manuscript kept inside the sacred temple of holy Richard Dawkins"

Ah, okay, you are.

Comment: Privacy????? (Score 0) 111

I can understand and even support ad blocking for two reasons, Avoiding wasting data (particularly on annoying video ads) and Protecting Privacy (not sure why every site that I visit seems to need to contact Facebook, particularly since I'm not a Facebook member and never will be. The HOSTS file seems to be a big help with this on my desktop, but I don't seem to have access to one on my non-rooted Android devices.

So, with one of the concerns being Privacy, why in hell does the Adblock site say: "Join the Adblock Browser Beta Google+ community here (make sure you’re looged into G+ first!)" before letting me download????? I have no use for Google+ or any other failed attempt by Google to play social media games, or any other social media product (see the thoughts on Facebook above). Why the hell does a software app that pretends to promote the individual's right to opt-out of things demand that I be part of Google+ before I can download it????? Not going to happen and I've lost all faith in them.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 387

by Dastardly (#49727651) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

Global collaboration is a huge challenge that has not really been solved. Or, more accurately the solutions are still not as good as being in person. But, presumably some one made the cost benefit decision that the advantages of being global make up for the disadvantages. (skeptical undertones intended)

From a classroom perspective and any situation where you can get a bunch of people together to solve hard problems, vast amounts of whiteboard space are a highly effective tool. The problem is after spending a bunch of time going down bunny trails, back tracking, etc... which the white board is really good for, the final result needs to be put into a form that can be made persistent in some way. For something short term that will be used immediately, a photo might be good enough to refresh memories, when necessary. For something to be kept longer some one gets the thankless task of transcribing the results. Although, I thank that person profusely for doing something incredibly important but tedious.

Comment: slush fund (Score -1, Troll) 52

Their crowdfunding goal has been far surpassed (more than $476,000 at this writing), but more can't hurt

With no clue what they would do with more, and the goal met more than twice over, I'm not inclined to contribute and not even sure that more will not hurt. I certainly don't want them giving the excess to NASA as was suggested, I can easily see politicians making proportional reductions in the NASA budget for every dollar given and spending that money on liberal social projects. Or the Planetary Society might decide that they have done such a good job in raising funds that their officers deserve a bigger pay check or a big party or other perks.

It strikes me as fairly obvious that this at least had the potential to greatly exceed its goal, and the honest and responsible thing to do would have been to spell out additional goals or what would be done with any excess funds. I don't think the Planetary Society deserves a big slush fund for failing to do that.

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