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Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - Acclaim to give away a Directorship on new game.

Submitted by
Wayne Nelson
Wayne Nelson writes "Acclaim game studios has sent out an email stating that they will let gamers help them with their new game. User input is nothing new so this time they are going to give away the position of 'A Video Game Industry Directorship' on a brand new game to the person that contributes the most. The website for this new project is

What do you think, just another ridiculous marketing scheme or is it the break that some of us have been waiting for?"

+ - Campaign Sites Full of Vulnerabilities

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Bloggers have been buzzing about the new wave of "Web 2.0" campaign sites, but it seems that a lot of presidential candidates haven't bothered to protect themselves from cross-site scripting attacks. A blogger has found a collection of XSS vulnerabilities including the websites of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, John Cox, Newt Gingrich, Tom Tancredo, the Democratic National Committee, and even a surprise from Some of the holes are low-risk, but others would allow a user's accounts on the affected website to be compromised. A victim would simply have to click on a maliciously crafted link that appears to lead to the candidate's site."

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