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Comment Re:Night time? (Score 1) 281

This is not the only power plant in the country. The article states that their goal is to generate 42% of their energy from renewables. Considering that these plants run throughout the day and 3 hours after the sun sets (the peak time for power consumption), they will still be relying on traditional plants for the off-peak hour production. Of course a deduction like that would mean that you would actually have to have read the article and not simply jump to the comments to troll.

Comment Re:Banned? (Score 1) 338

Good thing too. Regulation can drive innovation as in this case. I seriously doubt this tech would have been pursued if government hadn't mandated more efficiency. Still, it's not a good idea to regulate to the point of picking 'The Solution' and imposing it on everyone.

Even if efficient incandescents take off, it will now just be one choice among many. LEDs offer so many advantages that they're going nowhere. Even the bulk of the people who tell pollsters that they 'prefer the warm glow' of incandecents are not necessarily going to go back. People prefer what they were use to. Once a switch is made, many will decide that the new way is what they now prefer and will kick and scream just as hard with any further change.

Comment Re:Preventing photosynthesis (Score 1) 760

No, it would just slow photosynthesis. Light will still reach any plants under the panels, though it would be less. The questions is whether specific plants could still grow with less light reaching them. Of course, if you read the original comment, it was clear that the concern was that the panels will suck up all the energy and prevent photosynthesis basically anywhere near the panels. And this was from a school teacher, hence the global facepalm...

Submission + - US town rejects solar farm from fear it will suck up all the energy from the sun (

Socguy writes: Woodland, North Carolina has rejected a rezoning application, effectively blocking a solar farm, after a town hall meeting where residents expressed fear that solar farms suck up all the energy from the sun and block photosynthesis. Other residents were afraid that solar farms cause cancer, while still others felt that solar farms drive away jobs and young people.

Comment Re:Sounds very much like ***PORK*** ! (Score 3, Insightful) 102

I'm not exactly sure if you're being ironic or not so I'll proceed by assuming you're serious.

A battery or ultra-capacitor is simply a device that stores energy. A heat tank is also a device that stores energy. They're basically both batteries. The real question is which method is the most efficient. Likely, as they are using the sun to generate heat, it's more efficient to store that energy as heat before they need it.

Comment Re:Downsides (Score 5, Insightful) 139

If this company thinks they can operate this plant, I see no reason to stop them.

I see no reason why you keep mentioning birds like it's some sort of game changer. In Canada between 16-42 million birds are killed each year through collisions with buildings. Should we stop building houses? North America wide that number may rise as high at 1 billion. Not to mention that you conveniently left out the death toll on all animals from pollution/habitat loss from the fossil fuel generators which far exceeds the numbers of 'streamers' that these plants will generate.

Improvements on all fronts, should not be abandoned because those improvements are not perfect.

Comment Re:How is electric clean? (Score 1) 230

In some places electricity generation is dirty. But it doesn't have to be. As renewable generations continues to accelerate, electric cars become cleaner and cleaner. They also provide interesting possibilities for symbiosis. Cars that can mop up the excess energy produced by variable generating systems like solar or wind when generation is high but cut back when low.

Instead of discounting electric cars because some places use coal as part of their generation mix, why don't you advocate for the phase-out of coal generation?

Submission + - Wind power now cheapest energy in UK and Germany, no subsidies needed. (

Socguy writes: Bloomburg reports wind has now crossed the threshold to become the cheapest source of energy in both the UK and Germany. Notable because this is the first time it has occurred in a G7 country. In the US, wind and Solar have started biting into the capacity factor of fossil fuel driven plants as generators opt to idle plants more often in favor of nearly free renewable energy. This is leading to changes in the lifetime profitability of those plants.

Comment Re:The people asked for Circuses... (Score 1) 485

True, true.

I still enjoy the original for the reasons outlined in this article, it's like a time capsule for thought. Side note: I'm glad that Abrams switched to Star Wars. He was so right when he said that he didn't get Star Trek, specifically that Trek wasn't about guns.

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