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Comment Re:Possible scenario. (Score 3, Insightful) 291

Sigh. Yes, few individual events can be attributed directly to climate change but that doesn't mean that climate change is not playing a role in those events. We can easily compare frequencies and energy levels of events like storms to past measurements in order to see trends over time (more storms of larger size in this context) and that's one way you see the impact of climate change. Kind of like how nobody drops dead immediately after lighting up a cigarette but we have gathered enough statistical evidence to know that smoking makes just about everything about your health worse including chopping years off your life.

The universe is not 'skeery', it's following the laws of physics. The scientific debate about whether climate change was real ended in the 1980's because by that point the evidence for it was clear and compelling. Since then there have been billions spent by those with a vested interest in delaying action on climate change to disprove it but thus far they have been unsuccessful. They will likely continue to be unsuccessful because the evidence for climate change is so overwhelming that it's difficult to even make up a semi-plausible theory that can explain everything that we're now observing. Instead they wage their proxy war through the editorial pages and on internet forums.

Comment Re:Women Count Too Low (Score 1) 449

There may be a large number of women on the internet and a large number of women having affairs but is that because they actively sought them out, or because life happened?

With all we know about gender roles and social history, outdated as it may be, how many women do you imagine are looking for a guy who's on a website devoted to cheating? Just imagine, if you will, all the women sitting around pining for the married guy who's actively into infidelity so they can hookup and later make a Pintrest page of their exploits... Seriously, in what world do you imagine that a woman would find these guys remotely attractive? Of those 12000 real accounts most of them were probably for the purpose of pre screening real life dates... one more douchebag check on who NOT to date.

Comment Re:Wind energy is such shit (Score 2) 321

Wind energy is still the cheapest renewable out there with research continuing at a breakneck pace. Solar will likely out-compete one day but wind still has the advantage of being a potential 24hr generator as well as not needing such large battery backups systems since downtime is more likely to only be a few hours as opposed to 12 or more with solar. As wind energy reaches higher and higher altitude winds, their consistency continually increases to the point where inflatable models promise the potential for 24hr generation from those high altitude winds.

Comment Re:In "oil" country no less! (Score 1) 321

No kidding! Obstacles to wide-scale renewable energy adoptions are dropping faster than I could have imagined. Only the most ideologically driven, self interested reactionaries can't see where this thing is headed. The smart money is already making the choice.

Must be a scary thing to sit on the board of an oil or coal company trying to figure how to dig up every last ounce before you're effectively relegated a niche product.

Comment Re:"Smokers" (Score 4, Interesting) 106

While what you talk about does happen, it's not a problem because of the relatively rare nature of the incidents. Skyscrapers in cities kill orders of magnitude more birds than power towers.

Frankly, the birds would be far better off if we switched to CSP exclusively due to the wholesale destruction of habitat caused by fossil fuel development.

Comment Re:How much RAM is enough for developers? (Score 4, Insightful) 350


it's kind of sad to see all the posters indignant over an article that tries to determine the 'sweet spot' of RAM for the average user. Almost universally, they fail to recognize that they are not a typical computer user and that the article specifically carves them out.

A rule of thumb before blasting out your complaints should be: If you have a job or a hobby that requires you to to be a heavy, continuous user of photoshop or compression software or some other RAM intensive program THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!

Comment Privacy top concern (Score 1) 519

Ads are getting more and more intrusive and that's likely the driving force behind people installing blockers.

The other reason for blocking advertisers that no one is talking about is for privacy. Ads are not just in your face, they're tracking you across multiple web pages and allowing others to build profiles of you and your families. The privacy features of many ad block programs along with stand alone extensions are a necessity in today's hyper-targeted world. Unfortunately, with the growing use of browser fingerprinting, even that's not enough anymore.

Comment Re:big news! (Score 2) 299

Electricity prices are high when demand is high. Logically people are going to choose to sell their power when prices are highest, i.e. demand is greatest. This will have the effect of balancing the grid. Furthermore, we haven't even begun to talk about the concept of smart batteries where utility companies could request power from individuals 'on demand'.

Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 283

Because a great many /. users rate comments according to their personal beliefs, not on the actual merit of the comment. Still others are are employed by interest groups to scour the internet and 'promote' their employers views by any means necessary, be that FUD or by down-voting opposing viewpoints.

Submission + - Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions->

MightyMartian writes: It should prove to be no surprise for most rational people, but a group of Australian researchers have determined that homeopathy is completely useless at treating medical conditions. Researchers sifted through 1,800 research papers on homeopathy and found no reliable report that showed homeopathic remedies had any better results than placebos.
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