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+ - Adam Orth Fired By Microsoft

Submitted by SoVi3t
SoVi3t (633947) writes "

Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director who last week upset some folks with his comments about always-online technology, is no longer with the company. A source close to Orth tells Kotaku that Orth resigned from the company and was not fired. Microsoft declined to comment, saying "We do not comment on private personnel matters."

Yeah, he got fired"

Comment: Deal Breaker (Score 1) 572

by SoVi3t (#43370949) Attached to: Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get' Always-On DRM Concerns
This is pretty much a deal breaker for me. You're telling me I can't take my next gen console up to the cottage with me? When I move to a new apartment or house, I can't use my console until I get internet hooked up? These are just personal things that affect me, other's have mentioned serving overseas or taking it on their boats or other things that might take away their ability to connect to the internet. Also, I am pretty thrilled at getting my first submission to Slashdot posted :)

+ - Microsoft's Creative Director "Doesn't Get" Always On DRM

Submitted by SoVi3t
SoVi3t (633947) writes "

"Don't want a gaming console that requires a persistent internet connection? "Deal with it," says Microsoft Studio's creative director. In what he later termed a "fun lunch break", Orth took to Twitter to express his shock at people who take umbrage with the idea of an always-on console.

When quizzed by other Twitter users about people with no internet connection, he suggested that they should get one, as it is "awesome". He then likened people who worry about intermittent internet connectivity being an issue as the same as someone not buying a vacuum cleaner because the electricity sometimes goes out.

While Orth later apologised, saying it had being a bit of banter with friends, it did raise awareness that there are more than a few people who are very unhappy with the possibility of an always-on future version of the Xbox. Orth has also now switched his Twitter account settings to private.""

Comment: Until Linux Gets PROPER Driver Support (Score 1) 635

Carmack is right. I bought a Radeon 6850 when it came out, and then came the joy of discovering the Linux drivers at the time sucked. Solutions online? Write you own drivers. Yeah....I'll get right on that..... It's not quite as easy as simply porting the games over to Linux. There's quite a few things in total holding back true gaming excellence from Linux.

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.