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Comment Falling Behind (Score 3, Interesting) 307

I was watching several series for a few years, and new ones kept coming up, and I got bogged down. Missed a few episodes, then decided to wait until I could just watch the entire season at once, to catch up, but then fell behind in several more series. Then you would have some series take several breaks, and I wouldn't know when to start watching again. Then you get filler episodes that don't matter, and don't interest me enough to catch up on them. Then add to that the aforementioned fact that a lot of shows I enjoyed got cancelled after I invested time into them (Sarah Connor Chronicles was a huge blow to my enjoyment of TV), and I just stopped caring. I mostly game, exercise, or watch movies or the Marvel shows, on Netflix. I'll watch some occasional cartoons (Family Guy, Simpsons, Archer, etc), that doesn't require too much knowledge of previous shows, but I can't invest time in like 10 different series, that require me to watch each and every week.

Comment What about fighting games? (Score 2) 119

The fighting game scene seems to contradict the article. You have entire websites such as Shoryuken that are dedicated to them, and fans of the genre (myself included) will buy a fighting game on a whim, just to see how it stacks up to other fighters. You have people who still actively play in the scene, playing games that are 10+ years old competitively, while still picking up and learning new games. Killer Instinct, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Skullgirls, Marvel vs Capcom, and so many more...people are buying these games across multiple consoles and PC, simply because they are a part of the fighting game genre. Then you have comedy types of games of the genre, such as Divekick, that sells well not only due to the fact it's a fighting game, but because the scene comes together to make things like this happen, and be supported.

Comment I Owe For College...TWICE (Score 1) 1032

I went to college back in 2000, in Ontario, and applied for OSAP (student loan through the government). They assumed I was going in the second semester, so refused to release my money in the first semester. It took me until mid October to finally get my funding. The college refused to release my class list, until they had been paid. So when I finally got to attend class, I had naturally already failed. There went first attempt at college. But I was also on the hook for all the money lent to me, that went directly to the college. Loved that scam. Second time I went to school, my house burned down, so I was suddenly a little pre-occupied. Never paid for my last term, and the college was naturally cruel about it. I never paid that funding back. I probably still owe it to this day, I've been too busy struggling just to make ends meet, to bother looking at how in debt I even am :(

Comment Swappable Backplates??? Who Cares? (Score 1) 39

No seriously, who cares? First thing I did when I bought my G3 was buy a nice case with a stand, so I could watch videos, as well as protect the wafer thin phone from drops or hitting it. How about making sure the female connection for recharging doesn't come lose after 40 recharges, or giving me a wireless option?

Submission + - Adam Orth Fired By Microsoft

SoVi3t writes:

Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director who last week upset some folks with his comments about always-online technology, is no longer with the company. A source close to Orth tells Kotaku that Orth resigned from the company and was not fired. Microsoft declined to comment, saying "We do not comment on private personnel matters."

Yeah, he got fired

Comment Deal Breaker (Score 1) 572

This is pretty much a deal breaker for me. You're telling me I can't take my next gen console up to the cottage with me? When I move to a new apartment or house, I can't use my console until I get internet hooked up? These are just personal things that affect me, other's have mentioned serving overseas or taking it on their boats or other things that might take away their ability to connect to the internet. Also, I am pretty thrilled at getting my first submission to Slashdot posted :)

Submission + - Microsoft's Creative Director "Doesn't Get" Always On DRM

SoVi3t writes:

"Don't want a gaming console that requires a persistent internet connection? "Deal with it," says Microsoft Studio's creative director. In what he later termed a "fun lunch break", Orth took to Twitter to express his shock at people who take umbrage with the idea of an always-on console.

When quizzed by other Twitter users about people with no internet connection, he suggested that they should get one, as it is "awesome". He then likened people who worry about intermittent internet connectivity being an issue as the same as someone not buying a vacuum cleaner because the electricity sometimes goes out.

While Orth later apologised, saying it had being a bit of banter with friends, it did raise awareness that there are more than a few people who are very unhappy with the possibility of an always-on future version of the Xbox. Orth has also now switched his Twitter account settings to private."

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