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Comment: Hmm.... (Score 1) 235

by SoCalledNotion (#35817188) Attached to: Steam Success Holding Up <em>Half-Life</em> Development?
Does anyone else find it strange that some guy from Stardock is speculating about how Valve runs their buisness, based off how Stardock ran theirs? This article would be more relevant if they actually had some facts from the horse's mouth (Valve) rather than some guy at a competing company blowing smoke.

Comment: If only.... (Score 5, Insightful) 44

by SoCalledNotion (#29930533) Attached to: Nokia's N-Gage Service To End After 2010
Now if only they can get the Ovi app store to stop being a clusterfuck. Seriously? Have you seen the damn website? It's horribly unorganized. They may have hundreds of apps available for your specific phone, but you can only view a handful at a time on the page. They really need to improve their interface if they want this Ovi crap to take off

Comment: Hmm... (Score 1) 292

by SoCalledNotion (#29886475) Attached to: Facebook To Preserve Accounts of the Dead
I hope Facebook gives families an option to edit the content of profiles after the person dies so they can save face for him/her. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want one of my siblings to be remembered for something like doing keg stands on video. Sure, the portrayals would be skewed, but its not like funerals are any different.

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