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Comment: Re:And the vendor response will be... (Score 1) 279

by Binky The Oracle (#49531707) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal
I think some subsequent commenters may have thought I was condoning the described behavior, which I was not. IMO, the hard line is not the right approach, and I enthusiastically agree with the comments about sites that politely ask to be whitelisted. If the site is one that I value (primarily because of the specific writers or the community), I enable advertising or contribute directly. Sites that take the hard line, sites that use the pop-up overlay tactic, Outbrain links, paywalls, etc, I ignore and largely don't visit again. I used to be a lot more aggressive about it with local DNS redirects for trackers, etc., but I no longer have the energy for that. I just delete history and cookies every few weeks. Web content is easily substitutable. There are hundreds of sources for news. There are millions of sources for opinions. I'm glad the court ruled as it did. It's sad (and a little bit worrying) that they had to.

Comment: Re:And the vendor response will be... (Score 5, Insightful) 279

by Binky The Oracle (#49526989) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal
I suspect the vendor response will be more along the lines of, "We've detected Ad Block on your computer. You will be unable to view content on this site while this is active." The legal decision is, IMO, the correct one. We're not in Oceania (yet) and we're still allowed to turn off our TVs or change the channel. That doesn't mean, though, that the provider of the content is required to show it to us if we choose not to pay for it in some way. Ad Block is probably going to have to get a little craftier about running in stealth mode in the future.

Comment: Re:My B.S. Detector is Going Off (Score 2) 76

by Bruce Perens (#49515639) Attached to: Old Marconi Patent Inspires Tiny New Gigahertz Antenna

If the end of the coil that is hanging is grounded (earthed), it becomes an autotransformer. As it's shown, it's a variable inductor and the disconnected end is irrelevant and has no meaningful physical effect at the frequency a spark transmitter could have reached.

This comment seems to get closer to what they actually mean in their scientific paper. But the article about it is garble and the paper might suffer from second-language issues, and a lack of familiarity with the terms used in RF engineering.

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