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Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 526

by SnapperJo (#22329140) Attached to: Sci-Fi Tech We Could Have Right Now (For a Price)

Consider, we could have built seven of those NY to LA maglev trains for what Bush has spent so far blowing stuff up in Iraq. Put another way, we could have built a national long-haul maglev infrastructure and had enough left over to roll out fibre to the curb nationwide.

Nahhh, let's just kill people!

You have no idea how cool a national mag-lev system just on its own would be. Even more so, you have no idea how sad it makes me this country elected a leader TWICE that would do something so STUPID as to blow that much money in a foreign country under false pretenses.

Make headway at work. Continue to let things deteriorate at home.