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Comment: I think six (Score 1) 158

by SmilingBoy (#49649539) Attached to: Devices I have with a GPS reciever built in:

I think I have six. Four are obvious:

- Current work smartphone (Galaxy Nexus)

- Tablet (Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet)

- Navigation system built into car

- Portable navigation system for use in rental cars (a cheap one, don't remember the name)

Plus two more:

- Old work smartphone (BlackBerry Bold 9000) sitting in a drawer

- Navigation system built into my old car - currently used by my mother (the car but not the navigation system...)

And my wife has two more:

- Work smartphone (iPhone 5s)

- Personal smartphone (Galaxy Nexus)

More than I thought initially but not as crazy as some others here!

Comment: Re:Ass covering, BT Example from UK (Score 1) 230

Not quite correct - he probed for a simple directory traversal (think adding "/../../etc/passwd" to the end of the URL). However, the website was not vulnerable and did not disclose anything! It only threw an internal alarm and Cuthbert was identified by the previously entered credit card information.

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