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Now let these companies stand strong, don't budge, and the people will become restless, they will become angry, and they will revolt against their government. Irony. The thing they are trying to prevent will cause a spark that will lead to their downfall.

Comment Re:How about a re-boot of Episodes I through III? (Score 1) 816 816

I've thought hard about this, and i think you're absolutely right. Initially, i was more interested in what del Toro's take would be on the final transformation of vader. however, there are too many good bits in Episode II that would be awesome with his touch.

Comment Re:Public's View of 4chan (Score 0) 166 166

And the Roman Catholic church is still thought to be full of pedophiles, even though it's only a few priests who actually are, and all government officials are accused of being corrupt, even though most are making an honest effort to do their jobs right.

Actually, you are wrong. Every priest is a pedophile, as in....they are ALL attracted to little boys, not that they've all necessarily acted on those impulses. Think about it, who in their right mind would ever submit to a life of celibacy when one could simply be a preacher in another christian religion and be able to marry a woman? Who actually makes that choice? (the answer is: pedos). It's like those guys that say homosexuality is a "choice". is a choice for you because YOU'RE GAY

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