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Comment Trust (Score 2) 446

The problem, it seems to me, is not that the GMO's are safe or unsafe. It's that any trust authority has been completely destroyed by money. The FDA/EPA/USDA are funded by Congress and Congress appears to be corrupt. So anything that branches off of them appears to be corrupt. How are we supposed to believe anything from any of these people with such an appearance of corruption. It's a big money game and sometimes the money coincides with the larger public interest but more often it seems not to. So I believe in what I saw my 80 year old mother eat, who does not have diabetes, does not have heart disease, is not and never has been overweight and still has all her marbles. She ate real food that generations of people ate before her that didn't skip steps or have spider genes inserted in it. She might have accidentally eaten a spider and then ate some corn, but she never ate spidercorn.

Comment Plus one for Dog (doug) (Score 1) 408

I'm going to second the dog idea. Sure, someone determined to steal your stuff might bring a steak, but most crimes are opportunistic. If a dog starts barking before they even enter the place, why bother. In Atlanta I remember reading thieves were chopping through the sides of homes rather than using the windows in order to avoid the sensors and motion alarms. Good luck combating that. And a dog will probably bring some perspective into your life, make you care a little less about all that stuff.

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