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Comment Interity not price... (Score 1, Troll) 174

Actually no. I buy AMD processors for *intregity*

I haven't bought an Intel processor since they said : If you can show us you *need* it you can have a fixed Pentium (without the FDIV bug).

Publicly, Intel acknowledged the floating-point flaw, but claimed that it was not serious and would not affect most users. Intel offered to replace processors to users who could prove that they were affected. However, although most independent estimates found the bug to be of little importance and would have negligible effect on most users, it caused a great public outcry.

So.. long memory. Many $'s lost. Don't piss off customers (or lie about it and when you have to fess up say : Whatever..)

Comment Re: It has begun! (Score 2) 145

I can attest to this.

I'm British and was a perfectly proficient parallel parker before I moved to 'merika. 20 years over here, and the ez-mode perpendicular parking has atrophied my skills such that.. when I was in NYC the other day and tasked with performing a parallel park.. I ended up with one wheel on the pavement... >_

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 3, Interesting) 184

So.. great. Now this guy can go into the same bin as that dude who pushed systemd. The 'Clusterfuck of Things I didn't want..."

2003 outlook was the last I actually liked. I hung onto it for as long as I possibly could before being forced to upgrade to.. I dunno.. whatever it is out there now. It had a reasonably nice UI, it was quick and did a bunch of stuff I liked. The UI wasn't splattered all over the place and it had nice bevelled buttons and stuff, instead of the flat bollocks that is the current trend. I mean, I have what.. three choices of 'theme' now? White, 'light grey' and 'dark grey' - none of which are much use in allowing me to distinguish between parts of the interface..

So.. now I know who to blame. .

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 1) 439

I take my car to a dealership too. I don't have a great deal of choice, but that's another story.

My list, the first year, included : New air-cabin-filter, oil filter, oil.. some other sundries. They even helpfully brought the air-cabin-filter with them to the waiting area to show me exactly how dirty it was! Full of gunk and y'know... crumbly leafy bits. $60 to replace that.

Since I have no knowledge of cars, I went home and decided to 'get me some lerning..'

Air filter = $3 online.
Changing air cabin filter is literally.. (and I *actually mean literally*) case of opening the glove compartment, depressing two clips and pulling it out.

Next time I went, they brought me my air filter to inspect once again - asked me if I'd like it changed - since it was 'so awful'.
Me: No, thanks - but since you have it out already, and you have to put something back, would you mind putting *THIS* one back in, rather than the one in your hand?
Engineer: Sorry, we can't do that..
Me: No worries, I'll just save the $57 and pop it out once you're done.

etc etc. There's like a dozen little things like this which are *completely stupid* that they try to bag you for.

I hate my dealership. They spam me every six months telling me my car needs a service because.. y'know.. ITS BEEN SIX MONTHS!
Despite me swearing at the fuckers that : I don't even drive the thing anymore, take me off your goddamn list, I'll come in when I'm ready.


Their showroom could go up in smoke and I'd actually be happy.

Comment Re:Good luck with that... (Score 1) 420

Beg to differ,

It's been quite a while that 'lawyers' have been outsourced. Simple things like house contracts, wills, and other things you'd normally need a lawyer for are being shuffled down the pipeline to India. Obviously not for the type of lawyers who stand up infront of judges/ juries and actually say stuff, but they're a small part of the plethora of lawyers in the world today.

Practically the first hit on google for 'lawyers being outsourced' nets this, from 2013 : http://www.smallfirminnovation...

And also - anecdotal experience tells me this happens.
I had a friend who is a lawyer and complains about his corner of the profession being outsourced and also: I received a 'lawyers document' which had come from Bangalore... or somesuch bollocks.

Comment Re:Gamechanger (Score 2) 514

Yeah.. Like a whole bunch of others say in this thread - this is bollocks.

I got into the solar game early. I had mine installed about six years back. I got 48 of the 180W panels (there are much better now) and they cover pretty much all of my electrical use (aswell as my south facing garage). Given that used to be around $250-300 ish a month, that's a fair ongoing savings.

Now, couple that with the Green tags / SREC's which I can sell for (depending on wether gub'ner Christie is being a nobhead this year or not) anywhere between $60 and $600. Five few years back I sold a bunch for $400ish, last year I sold some for $60.

Either way, my 'payoff' is about six years, give or take a couple.

Now - back ontopic. I have a battery backup system aswell! It cost me about $3500 ontop of my installation and consists of a unit which senses the grid and shunts power to the batteries, and 4 marine batteries of some particular type that I don't actually care about. They cover the electrical usage of my house overnight if the grid is down. Not if I'm watching some huge plasma telly all night, but lights.. radios, computers, intarwebs (which.. work for all of 4/8 hours into a regional power outage, it seems that Comcast have an 8 hour emergency generator). During the (summer) day, my panels will provide power to the house and also charge the batteries enough that they'll carry me through the night again. I don't have to turn off refridgerators, clocks, I can even microwave some noodles.

I haven't done numbers. I don't care. This is real world "I have done this.. experience."

The nice thing about battery backups though is that it's instant. I don't even get a flicker if the grid goes out, or there's a brownout. If I turn off my mains my batteries kick in quick enough that computers don't reboot... If I didn't have a little alert set up to tell me when it happens I'd never even notice.

I also get alot of power outages in my area. Stupid reasons like stapling power cables to telephone poles.. which then get hit by trees, etc etc etc.
Oh.. and a few hurricanes over the past few years aswell.. :)

Comment Think of the children! (Score 3, Interesting) 413

There are many things Anonymous does which are morally dubious. But, I have to say, I can't really take issue with this vigilantism.

After all "think of the children!". But uh.. actually, don't. It's kinda disturbing. Or do.. since, it's disturbing, and one shouldn't bury one's head in the sand because.. it's hard to think about.

Comment Re:Yes, but for specific reasons (Score 2, Interesting) 182

I cannot agree with this.

The programmers just set the thing up to 'buy whatever'. At the time, 'whatever' may have simply been a bunch of knockoff handbags. It's not illegal to buy those... the seller may get slapped for violating a trademark, or something - but no-one's going to come rip your handbag out of your hands or put you in jail.

And, quite honestly - the feckin' article tells the submitter 'who is responsible'. If the law says : 'knowingly violated' - they are not responsible. If the law says 'recklessly violated' then there is a case to be made.

But let me spin you this :

>The creator of a device that breaks the law because the creator either negligently or intentionally set up the device to break the law is responsible

If I father a child (creator) and raise it to be... less than respectful of the law... my child then robs a bank. Do they put *me* in jail? By your definition they should...

Comment Re:No Custom Building? (Score 3, Informative) 68

>which makes me think that there never will be a commercial solution

Quite the opposite. I've been 'thinking about' doing this for a couple of years now, and my research has led me to the conclusion that 'everyone' uses Light-o-rama commercial setup to do this.

It's not wireless, but I don't believe (other than the DMX solution DJ's use for their stage lighting) there's a wireless solution to be had. Even that 'solution' isn't actually wireless, since it uses wires for.. the power! Wireless dongles can be plugged into recievers at the light end - but to be honest, you're better off just going the light-o-rama route.

That solution works by giving you a 'squid' of power connectors, into which you plug your extension cords and it just.. turns them on and off. They give you some kind of application that you can use to sync the lights to your music - if you've ever made an animated thing in like Blender or Poser or Daz Studio you'd get right along with it - timeline.. flip this on at second 3, flip this off at second 5, turn the other on at second 10.. etc..

However, it's not cheap - by any standards. In controller hardware OR lights.

Comment Re: Storage (Score 1) 516

Yeah - so about that..

I live close-ish to some power lines. Some 4 or 5 years ago - I guess following that NorthEast USA blackout period which was unrelatedly due to some electricity surge from Canada.. or something - the power company came along and cut down a bunch of trees off 'my land' within 100 feet of the lines. I was pretty peeved. I like trees. I have a whole bunch of them on my land. Next year they returned and cut down more... This has happened for every year since..

Sandy comes along - all the trees which sheltered my 'other trees' have been cut down. Result - I lost 9 trees which were previously sheltered from the wind (and I guess hadn't grown the root structure to survive). 2 hit my house.

Elsewhere - where the utility company had not cut down trees to 'save the power lines' - all the trees survived.

While I appreciate that the utility company needs to protect their lines - there are *much worse* situaitons than where my trees border their lines - even just 1 mile down the road. And I'm convinced they opened up the nightmare that was Sandy.


Comment Re:They Hadn't Already? (Score 1) 116

Google was also a winner for me because of its clean single line text input for search. No images, no clutter, no links on the page - in the age of a 9600 baud modem the less clutter on the page the better. That was why *I* swapped from alta-vista to google. Alta-vista had started presenting a 'portal page' which was all the rage back then, and I preferred the quick, efficient search from google.

Comment Re:Until we learn how to use less ... (Score 5, Interesting) 502

Got an anecdote for you.. :)

I live not altogether too distant from you. ( weather-wise). I have solar panels on my roof. Had 'em since like.. 2008.

Snow isn't that big of an issue. Sometimes they get covered, sure. But wierdly they *still* work, even when covered with snow. Not enough to generate anything much worthwhile, but *enough to heat the panels*. I find the snow melts from the underside up, causing a slick undermelt which then causes all the snow to slough off and fall off the panels. Bingo! Panels are working again.

Even in cloudy weather and winter weather - they still produce a significant amount. I was surprised.

And I've never had to clean them. In summer any bird crap on them simply 'burns off' and the rain keeps them clean enough that I've *never* had to go up with a brush, and I've certainly never had to go up with a rake.

Might wanna watch out on the snow days though, in case you get dumped on when the snow falls off - but that's no worse than standing by my front door and getting the ( other, non-solar covered) roof dump its contents onto you.

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