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Comment Re:Precious Snowflake (Score 1) 323 323

While I think you have a point, one has to wonder how much should we pile onto those not "happy fun shunshine" days. To me it seems there is no shortage of crappy shit fuckdays when we turn 18 and have to live our own lives. Unless your uber-pampered kid with a unlimited inheritance or some sort.

It is completely fair, to ask the question, what in neurobiology can teach us about dicipline. We think there are the mirror neurons that may help us explain it. Flogging your kids might well create violent adults.

Comment goto xs4all (Score 1) 47 47

The story should be, UPC lifted the block -finally-.

If you value your online rights, privacy and freedom, switch to xs4all as ISP.
They lifted this block only hours after the appeal verdict came in weeks ago, and did not wait to see if BREIN would appeal their appeal for weeks like UPC.

Not that UPC is bad perse, but they do not have the hacker DNA xs4all has.

(yes yes my /. uid is low, and so is my xs4all account.)

Comment Re:There must be a very good reason... (Score 1) 579 579

Except, the power back is predictable and regulatable, both by law and with by local infra such as batteries, also the prices YOU receive will be less then the price YOU will pay per /kwh.

I do agree on your premises that local connects should be well build and not interfere (misguided to think they are not possible, they are) and in the end local solar is here to stay. The utilities should adapt, and be reasonable. Flat our refusing to connect is not reasonable. If they claim a local mile is "not suited" then their shit is crap. They can and should demand good infrastructure in your house, and YOU should do Vise Versa!

Comment Re:Loads of prior research has been done (Score 1) 947 947

Bikers, in the cities of Netherlands are indeed annoying. But the liablity law (it's 50 % blame on the car by default though, not 100%) is relatively new, and the annoyance is much older. It is mostly a numbers game. Dutch cities are narrow and cramped, and the sheer amount of cyclists is enormous.

Comment Loads of prior research has been done (Score 3, Informative) 947 947

In The Netherlands. Nobody wears a helmet, with a few exception for very young kids (Always flanked and shielded by a overly concerned parent.)

I could show a graph that nicely shows that helmets are correlated with higher death rates. (No the helmet doesn't kill, its because helmets are worn in countries with low separation of slow cyclists and fast cars)
There is also a correlation between more helmets (by law) leading to LESS cyclers. Its a burden.

Seperation of slow and fast traffic is BY FAR the biggest factor here. Then also consider the health benefit of the exercise.

Regular exercise will make you more healthy and prolong your life! So, on bike lanes, Cycling is Super Awesome Safe! No helmet needed.

ps, incidents are on the rise due to old folks going faster on their electric assisted bikes.
ps2 mopeds, scooters, especially those that clock 50km/h are more and more forced into the car lane in The Netherlands, the speeds fits better.
ps3 Watch your juveniles, those pesky 12-18 y/o have a high incident rate. They are also likely to be offended by a helmet..

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