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Comment: Copernicus (Score -1, Flamebait) 206

by SlashDev (#44680179) Attached to: Galileo: Right On the Solar System, Wrong On Ice
Sorry, it was Copernicus who championed the idea of heliocentrism (planets revolving around the sun) thus taking the earth out of the center of the universe model. Galileo was famed for the usage of the telescope to look at the heavens, the telescope had already been invented. In fact Galileo didn't invent or discover the things he is famous for, he simply marketed them..

Comment: Good technology but impractical (Score 1) 155

by SlashDev (#44505709) Attached to: First Laptop With Full-Sized Solar Panels Will Run On Ubuntu
How many people do you see using laptops while they're sitting out in the sun, not many. In developing countries where they lack electricity I don't think you will find many laptop users sitting out either for fear of being robbed, an no I am not stereotyping, this is a fact. What third-world countries need, is electricity and running water, before they start using laptops.

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