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Comment: Re:Except they just turn the power off (Score 2) 229

Your honor, they were screaming at me, with guns pointed at me, to 'put your hands up! put your motherfucking hands up, or I will fucking shoot you dead!'

So I put my hands up. I wasn't about to risk death to explain to them that this would cause my computer to shut down.

Comment: Got more offers by not being interested (Score 2) 226

by superflippy (#49598383) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

Last year I realized that I'd never changed my LinkedIn job profile info to "not interested" after starting my new job a year earlier. I'd been getting a lot of pings from recruiters, and I thought that might discourage them. Nope. Saying I wasn't interested made the recruiters even more interested in me!

Which would be great if any of them had a job better than my current one, but they never do. Everything is more boring work I'm less qualified for, for less pay.

Comment: Re:Buying cars based on fuel price... ugh (Score 1) 622

by Safety Cap (#49531517) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

The other fact is that pure gas cars are getting really good milage.
My Chevy Cruze is averaging over 33 mpg for me.

LOL. My 2002 Prius got 45 mpg (not to mention much, much lower emissions).

33 mpg is in the same class as "can't be bothered". If you want to crow, you need to get more than 50 mpg, son.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 409

It's unreasonable search.

Say you get pulled over for a busted tail light, and the cop notices a corpse in your back seat. That's OK.

Say he says 'Ho-lee sheeeit, smells like dead body. Pop your trunk open.' And hey, there's a dead body in the trunk. That's OK.

But he can't say 'I done pulled you over for a busted tail light, but I'mma search your car for a corpse, even though I have no reason to believe there's any corpses.' Not reasonable.

Now, this guy gets pulled over for lane swerve. Fine. Cop can sniff his breath, look for signs of intoxication. Cop can eyeball the seats through the window, the ashtray, looking for booze bottles, roaches, whatever. But he can't say 'I have no real reason to, but I'm turning this traffic stop into a drug stop, *but first I need to call in extra equipment.* That's unreasonable.

If he'd happened to have had the dog with him, and decided to have the dog give the car a once-over, fine. Although I question the validity of dog searches; we know that animals can pick up on clues to what their owners want. See the Clever Hans phenomena. If the cop wants to search the car, the dog might just pick up on that and alert.

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