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by rk (#46790955) Attached to: Samsung's Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment

Hmmm. That's a good point, especially since I carry around a big boat Note 2. But there's something I did with my Newton that I still don't do with any electronic device and that is take notes. It's the only device I ever had that recognized my native handwriting (not printing, not Graffiti from the Palm OS era), which is an amazing feat because I can barely read my own handwriting.

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by rk (#46708959) Attached to: Born To RUN: Dartmouth Throwing BASIC a 50th B-Day Party

There was a POKE you could use on the CoCo2 (and some versions of the CoCo1) that would switch to a character palette that displayed the lowercase characters as such.

I recall having a driver that let you use the "hi-res" (256x192! Look out!) mode as the console, so you got more space, but more importantly could mix graphics and text quite easily. If your friend was responsible for that thing and you're still in touch with him, please thank him for me, because that thing rocked.

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I smashed a couple windows on a vacant house in my neighborhood when I was 9. I did get caught, caught holy hell for it from my parents, and had to make restitution. It was 40 dollars at the time, but to a 9 year old in 1976, 5 dollars was a fortune. 40 was like grown-up money. I learned a good lesson on "other people's things".

I wished I could give you insight on that mentality, even though I was the one who did it. I remember doing it, I remember getting caught doing it, I remember working for the money to pay for it, but I have no recollection whatsoever on WHY I did it.

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Well, your argument so far has been little more than "State bad" which has nothing to do with the specific topic of renting homes. It's difficult to make ANY sort of counter-argument to that. So, consumer protection laws are good, so "State not bad?" How are we to divine from your current stated position where you draw the line?

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