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Submission + - The Xbox One Turns 2 Today – Here's 13 Unusual Stats

SlappingOysters writes: November 22 is the day the Xbox One turns two and to celebrate, Grab It has put together an article with 13 unusual stats about its journey so far. This includes the average install size of games, the number of indies on the format, the number of days between exclusives and how many terabytes of storage space you would need to house every game at once .

Submission + - Class of 95 – 20 Years On, Where Are These 11 Gaming Legends Now? 1

SlappingOysters writes: The gaming landscape was very different 20 years ago, but gamers were still enjoying a strong line-up of diverse gaming experiences led by the launch of the PlayStation (and not so much the launch of the Virtual Boy). This Grab It retrospective explores 11 new IPs from 1995, the impact they made and where they (and their creators) are now.

Submission + - Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One Launches Today but only 28% of Titles Boxed

SlappingOysters writes: What is old is new again today as backwards compatibility arrives on the Xbox One as part of a dashboard update. Finder has the full list of 104 launch games for the service, and has analysed the origins of these titles. The site has determined that of the 104 games, only 28% ever released in boxed form, and of the remaining downloadable Xbox Live games, 36% are remakes of titles from previous generations. The site has also identified 60 games that were on the marketing material for Xbox One backwards compatibility, but were not on the launch line-up.

Submission + - Sony PlayStation 4 Hits 500 Games Milestone

SlappingOysters writes: Finder is reporting that the catalogue of Sony PlayStation 4 games has just passed the 500 mark. The website has been tracking the install sizes of every PS4 game and in doing that, has been able to confirm that the mark had been reached. It's a significant catalogue advantage for the console, with the Xbox One currently offering 349 games, although the arrival of backwards compatibility on November 12 will change that dramatically. The site has also shown that the rate of releases is increasing over time.

Submission + - Look What Happens When you Plot Halo's Campaign Length vs. Review Score

SlappingOysters writes: Finder has put together an article and graph that shows how the declining campaign length of the Halo series over time is mirrored by its declining Metacritic score. It examines the possibility that reviewers are influenced by a campaign's length above other elements such as the multiplayer experience.

Submission + - John Carmack vs. Hideo Kojima – The Legacies Compared

SlappingOysters writes: Hideo Kojima and John Carmack are two of video gaming’s greatest minds and most iconic developers. One was the co-founder of id Software and a key figure in the birth of the FPS and the rise in popularity of online multiplayer. The other was the vice-president of Konami and the creative force behind Metal Gear Solid, a series that helped establish the stealth genre and innovate cinematic storytelling. One was from the West, the other from the East. Both recently left their positions after more than 20-years of service, and Finder has put together a comparison article that compares their two careers.

Submission + - The Big Halo 5: Guardians Interview with 343 Industries

SlappingOysters writes: With the release of blockbuster first-person shooter Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One only days away, Finder has run a lengthy in-depth interview with developer 343 Industries' design director, Kevin Franklin. The interview crosses a range of topics, including; the technology behind the new game engine, what future of splitscreen, the inspirations behind the Warzone mode, the adoption of HoloLens and Microsoft's influence over the series' direction.

Submission + - Backing Star Citizen Makes You A Gambler, Not an Investor

SlappingOysters writes: Crowdfunding is too often confused with investment. Many backers believe their donations buy them a say over the direction of a game's development, but that's simply not the case. As this article at Grab It discusses, buyers beware: if you don't trust the seller, don't give them your money. Although even then, it can go wrong. It's not all bad news, however; as the site also details the 15 Best Kickstarter Games You Can Play Right Now.

Submission + - Australians Set To Pay 50% More For Apps After Apple Price Spike

SlappingOysters writes: Grab It is reporting that within 36-hours the price of apps is set to increase in Australia, Sweden and Indonesia. It will bring the price of buying an app out of alignment with the value of the Australian dollar, and leave the country's Apple fans paying 50% more for their iOS software than their American counterparts. It's unfortunate timing, with the recent launch of the iPhone 6s and the upcoming fourth generation of Apple TV — currently with 23 launch games announced — reasons for optimism.

Submission + - "I spent months of my life working on splitscreen for Halo 5" - 343 Industries

SlappingOysters writes: Finder has run an extract from an interview with Kevin Franklin — design director at 343 Industries and currently working on Halo 5: Guardians — in which he reveals that splitscreen was originally intended for the anticipated Xbox One blockbuster. The controversial removal of offline multiplayer in a Halo game has had fans up in arms, and this is the first time a representative of 343 Industries has spoken of the team's frustrations at seeing it go. In another extract from the interview, Franklin also explains why Halo 5: Guardians requires a 46GB install size.

Submission + - 25 Fun Facts to Celebrate Monkey Island's 25th Birthday

SlappingOysters writes: The mighty Monkey Island series has turned 25. Other than making us all feel horribly old, it's a chance to celebrate the pioneering point-and-click adventure from the genius mind of Ron Gilbert and one-time genre leaders LucasArts. Grab It has put together 25 fun facts about the series, as well as some trivia, which offers some fantastic insights into the character development and setting of the Monkey Island games. It also talks about Gilbert's rules if he was to make a true, third instalment.

Submission + - The Install Size of Every PS4 and Xbox One Game

SlappingOysters writes: One of the biggest challenges for gamers during this generation of consoles is ensuring you have enough hard drive space to hold the latest blockbuster. Given that every game needs to be installed in order to be played, and games often weigh in at over 40GB, the 500GB of storage that comes as standard doesn't stretch far. has provided a handy resource, listing the install sizes for every PlayStation 4 game (460 and counting) and every Xbox One game (290 and counting). The list is searchable, and can be ordered.

Submission + - Rare Replay's Harsh Lesson for Other Remakes

SlappingOysters writes: With so many remakes and remasters flooding the market, Rare Replay offers a refreshingly respectful and bountiful timeline of one of gaming's most talented developers. This in-depth article examines what works and what doesn't with reissues of classic video games during an important time for the market, just ahead of the update that will add over 100 backwards compatible games to the Xbox One library.

Submission + - How to Accurately Predict the Next Free Xbox Live Games with Gold Content

SlappingOysters writes: Finder has put together an article that looks at marketing strategies, developer histories and release dates to show how you can predict the titles that will appear next in Microsoft's Xbox Live Games With Gold freebies list. It goes on to predict 16 Games With Gold for 2016 based on this criteria. With 133 Xbox 360 games now earmarked for backwards compatibility this November, the number of titles you will be able to play on the Xbox One in the near future is growing rapidly.

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