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+ - Bank Robbed For Real During Payday 2 Demonstration

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: In the online co-op, multiplayer FPS Payday 2, you and three friends join forces to rob banks. Grab It is reporting that during a demonstration of the upcoming title in Sydney today, a bank was robbed just around the corner for real. Making this unlikely timing of events even more bizarre, the marketing staff and journalists at the event were wearing the evil clown masks seen in the game just 500m from where the crime was committed.

+ - Complete Apple Watch vs Android Wear App Comparison

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: Wondering if your favorite app is available on your smartwatch of choice? Finder has compiled a table of every app available to either the Apple Watch or Android-based devices, to help tech lovers decide on which wearable is best for them. The site has also compiled a complete list of Apple Watch games, which is a handy resource.

+ - 9 Leading Games Experts Speak Out on the Apple Watch 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: In the wake of today's first public outing for the Apple Watch, Finder had addressed the limited number of game apps announced for the device. The site has spoken to a number of leading games and technology outlets — including Gamespot, CNET, Game Informer and Grab It — to get an expert opinion on the future of the Apple Watch as a gaming device. The site has also put live the complete list of Apple Watch games.

+ - Nintendo to Announce Virtual Boy 2

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: Nintendo has officially unveiled the development of its next home console, codenamed the NX. This article at finder puts forward the case that Nintendo will be stepping back into the virtual realty game with a follow-up to its ill-fated 1995 peripheral, the Virtual Boy. It would be going head-to-head with the Vive, Project Morpheus and the much-rumoured, not yet announced, Microsoft VR unit.

+ - Interview: How Embryios Offers Tactical Squad-Based Combat at its Purest 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: Grab It has an exclusive interview with indie developer Creoterra where engineer Joe Woynillowicz talks through his upcoming strategy-RPG Embryios: Prophecy of Flame. The game is coming to PC, Mac and iOS, and is inspired by Might & Magic, Baldur's Gate and tabletops, amongst others. The site has a number of exclusive screenshots, too.

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