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+ - The Making Of The Making Of Nihilumbra

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Digital magazine outlet Grab It has been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with media on touchscreens, which includes an experimental special edition of its publication focused on indie platformer Nihilumbra from BeautiFun Games. In this blog entry, the editor talks about how the digital format can be used to create reading experiences that you physically play just like it is the game. The app is available on iPad, but the article itself is an intriguing read for those wondering where the future of digital magazines can head."

+ - How Gaming Can Connect Us to Literary Masterpieces->

Submitted by Rebecca Anne Farr
Rebecca Anne Farr (3643049) writes "Stephen Mitchell from Grab It Magazine writes,
"Have we lost touch with our cultural roots? In a society that lives life in the fast lane, we are becoming increasingly removed from those who have gone before us. Gaming is no exception, where the next fad is defined by the five minute consumerism of titles like Flappy Bird. Forgetting our past darkens our future.
But, all is not lost. In a small, yet significant, way games can bridge the divide between generations, allowing us to reconnect with our cultural forefathers. Today I want to focus in on one part of our culture that we desperately need to remember – the giants of the literary world.""

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+ - The Top 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2014 So Far 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "The Indie gaming scene is booming at present, but finding the diamonds amongst the truckloads of coal is no easy task. Grab It is dedicated to covering iOS indie games through its game discovery app, and it has put together The Top 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2014 So Far — many of which also appear on other formats. It's a handy resource for locating some great gaming experiences of all genres and prices, while each entry comes with a mini-review and video, too."

+ - Video Games: The Movie – The Jeremy Snead Interview

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Grab It — The Game Discovery App has interviewed Jeremy Snead, the director of the just released documentary film Video Games: The Movie. The interview runs through the origins of the film, the process of its creation, cut footage, the hard-to-get industry interviews and even talks about a proposed TV series that is in production. Grab It has also reviewed the film and has an exclusive behind-the-scenes snippet from likeminded 2015 documentary Rise of the Indies in Episode 6 of its digital magazine."

+ - A Video Game That Helps Cure Cancer

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Guerilla Tea Games and Cancer Research UK have partnered on the creation of Play to Cure: Genes in Space, a game that actively helps scientists in their battle to find a cure for cancer. Grab It has the story about how the studio has converted the genetic data that needs to be trawled through by hand for imperfections into a space shooter, where players can knock months off the process by blasting away at asteroids. Episode 5 of the Grab It game discovery iPad app features the full exclusive interview on the game's creation, with behind the scenes images and video."

+ - The Top 10 Best Free iOS Games of June 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Each month indie iOS publication Grab It provides a guide to the best games of the period, and it has just unveiled its top 10 free titles for June. It's a good chance to identify some titles to try out on your iPad or iPhone for zero dollars. For those who are interested in other highlights from the year thus far, here are the top 10 free iOS games of May, April, March, February and January."

+ - Sid Meier Makes Civilization Revolution 2 A Mobile Exclusive

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "After 23-years at the top, turn-based strategy pioneer Sid Meier and the team at Firaxis have made a strong statement on the rise of mobiles and tablets as a gaming platform by declaring Civilization Revolution 2 as a mobile exclusive . The original game released on consoles, only to be later ported to mobile. Grab It has the details on a range of new features coming to the game, which will hit the App Store on July 2. The site has pointed to a number of "name" franchises going mobile only, also providing evidence suggesting GTA: City Stories could be an iOS exclusive."

+ - Angry Birds Transformers Toys-To-Life Collaboration Announced

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Mobile gaming giant Rovio and toy empire Hasbro are teaming up in a big way. Angry Birds Transformers has just been announced, but it is more than just another game. It is also following in the footsteps of Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Nintendo by providing a toys-to-life experience, whereby you can place an Autobird or Deceptihog toy on a telepod and bring the character and its abilities into your game world. Rovio had recently gained support from hardcore gamers for branching into the RPG space with Angry Birds Epic, and has previously had great successes partnering with Star Wars, featuring in the Top 10 Star Wars Games on iOS."

+ - David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff to Star in Indie Game Megamagic

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "From pulling the babes in Baywatch to getting cup-caked by Adam Sandler in Clicker, David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff never fails to own a screen. Grab It has just revealed that he is bringing his magnetic presence — voice and motion-capture — to the upcoming indie game Megamagic (PC, iOS, Wii U) by BeautiFun Games. The game is described as being a mix of Zelda, Command & Conquer, Pokémon and Streets of Rage. Grab It recently released a special edition of its Grab It Game Discovery app focused on BeautiFun's first title, the classic philosophical puzzle platformer Nihilumbra."

+ - Is GTA: City Stories an iOS Exclusive?

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Rockstar owner Take-2 Interactive sparked plenty of debate when it recently trademarked City Stories, leading many fans of the GTA series to immediately link the new mark with the established City Stories spin-offs already available on PlayStation formats. Grab It argues that City Stories may in fact be the first game in the series purpose built for mobile, suggesting that the time is right for the famous developer to make the most of the format."

+ - Is This The iPhone 6?

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Rumours regarding new Apple hardware are a dime a dozen, but a concept artist has put together a very plausible look for the iPhone 6 based off recently leaked schematics and features. The device is expected to release in late 2014. Grab It has the details."

+ - How To Play PC Games On Your iPad - A Step-By-Step Guide

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Through a combination of apps and the power of streaming, you can play any PC game you feel like through your iPad. Grab It has put live an article that details the options available to people interested in giving it a go, as well as a simple step-by-step guide. The website has previously offered up a guide on playing Quake III on an iPad and also a gamer’s guide to getting the most from your iPad."

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