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+ - Nintendo to Announce Virtual Boy 2

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Nintendo has officially unveiled the development of its next home console, codenamed the NX. This article at finder puts forward the case that Nintendo will be stepping back into the virtual realty game with a follow-up to its ill-fated 1995 peripheral, the Virtual Boy. It would be going head-to-head with the Vive, Project Morpheus and the much-rumoured, not yet announced, Microsoft VR unit."

+ - Interview: How Embryios Offers Tactical Squad-Based Combat at its Purest 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Grab It has an exclusive interview with indie developer Creoterra where engineer Joe Woynillowicz talks through his upcoming strategy-RPG Embryios: Prophecy of Flame. The game is coming to PC, Mac and iOS, and is inspired by Might & Magic, Baldur's Gate and tabletops, amongst others. The site has a number of exclusive screenshots, too."

+ - First Showing for Unity 5 Engine - République PC vs. iOS Image Comparison

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "The first game to be released on the Unity 5 Engine is the PC and Mac remaster of République by Camouflaj (already available on iOS) and the first images have been released. Grab It has some comparison shots between the current mobile version of the game and the just announced remastered PC/Mac iteration coming on Feb 26. The magazine also ran a world exclusive making of feature on the game with creator Ryan Payton (Metal Gear Solid series, Halo 4) in the free edition of its iPad magazine."

+ - 2400 Classic MS-DOS Games Playable for Free in your Browser 2

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "The Internet Archive has released just under 2,400 MS-DOS Games, which are playable direct from your browser and available for free right now. Grab It has revealed the news, and detailed some of the many classic games included in the list, such as Duke Nukem 3D, Lemmings 2, Oregon Trail, The Lost Vikings, Total Carnage, Leisure Suit Larry, SimCity, Prince of Persia, Scorched Earth and more. The indie games focused media outlet has also provided a sample of its digital magazine for free."

+ - Quake meets Minecraft FPS Construction Kit Gunscape has 9-Player Splitscreen 2

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "One of the highlighted games at the PAX AUS expo starting on October 31 is Blowfish Studios' Gunscape, a game described as an FPS construction kit. Grab It has the scoop on the game as part of its indie games guide for the show, and reveals that as well as building and sharing FPS maps for multiplayer gaming sessions across eight different modes, the game will also be able to handle up to nine-player splitscreen on a 4K display. This includes co-op map building."

+ - Hendo Creates a Real Hoverboard - Potential Oculus Rift Integration 3

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Grab It is reporting that a company called Hendo has fashioned the first genuine hoverboard inspired, no doubt, by Back to the Future Part 2. The device requires a specific magnetic surface on which to operate, but already the site is speculating on the potential for this technology to tie-in with the Oculus Rift virtual reality experience in a similar way to the Virtuix Omni. The hoverboards are set to be released on October 21, 2015. Grab It also recently released Episode 8 of its indie games discovery app, which showcases interviews and articles on Oculus games including; Super Mega Mega, Montas, Blastr, Dead End Alley and ZVR Apocalypse."

+ - Handy Tip for Downloading iOS 8 and First Gaming Bundles Revealed

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "The highly anticipated new operating system from Apple, iOS 8, is now available and it's not the kind of download size you want to suffer on your 3G or 4G network, or if you have little remaining storage space. Grab It has a handy tip on managing the download, as well as information about the first lot of game bundles, including those from prolific publisher Crescent Moon Games."

+ - Bungie's Destiny Companion App - Is it any Good? 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "It has become the norm now to release a second-screen companion app experience alongside your triple-A blockbuster, but few are really hitting the "essential" mark most fans require. Destiny, the game breaking sales records all around the world right now, has one and specialist iPad gaming publication Grab It (check out its free sample digital magazine) has reviewed the Destiny Companion App."

+ - Australian Government Sues Valve Over Breach of Consumer Law 2

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Grab It is reporting that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched legal action against Steam owner Valve, claiming that changes to its refund policy breach Australian Consumer Law. The ACCC has already chalked up victories against the likes of Apple, and a hearing is set for October 7. The site notes that gamers will still continue to enjoy great games, pointing to the Top 5 Steam Early Access games of August."

+ - Team Meat Backflip on iOS and Announce Super Meat Boy Forever 1

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Indie darling Team Meat has been extremely critical of Apple and the App Store service in the past, but the developer's stance seems to have changed. The studio has just confirmed the existence of Super Meat Boy Forever, an endless platformer that supposedly offers challenge and depth beyond your standard iOS title. As well as iOS and Android, the game will also be coming to PC when it lands in 2015."

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