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Comment You are now moving into production environment (Score 1) 1146

Make sure that all the things she uses work.

I think the easiest way to make friction is, if just-works thinks aren't working:
  • printer: because cups on NSLU2 died
  • web-sites open slowly: because browser tries to use IPv6
  • a-must-have browser plugin is not working: because it's not IE or Firefox was just updated
  • TV doesn't work: because the Dreambox is a testbed for new OSD pet-project
  • laptop doesn't have internet: routers NAT is dying under the P2P connections or you liked to isolate wlan to different vlan and the routing did come up in last reboot.
  • etc.

Navigating a Geek Marriage? 1146

JoeLinux writes "I am soon to marry my true love (a girl! yes! they do exist!). She is a literary geek, whereas I am a gaming/Linux geek. Being the RTFM-style geeks that we are, we have been reading up on marriage, making things work, etc. Unfortunately, all of the references seem to be based around an alpha-male jock and a submissive cheerleader-style wife. A lot of the references to incompatibility in the books don't apply to us (neglect due to interest in sports, etc.). What are some of the pitfalls and successes learned in the course of a more geek-oriented marriage?"

Comment So Google wants to be in China (Score 1) 264

Many times it is hard to see why we need development, when we already have invented all the things in the world.

Luckily IPv4 address space has been allocated unfairly for Asia and Africa so they will have the first IPv6 users and most of the IPv6 experts. I believe that IPv6 makes Internet somewhat born again. Because it brings back some of the we all peers way of networking that was the main drive for internet development in the early 90's.

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