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Comment Re:Jeeze, Now I have to support the UN? (Score 1) 215

The people in power are the one's who programmed the robot to follow their orders...

That's the thing that worries me most about robots. A human soldier always has the choice to be able to go against the orders of their superiors and spare the life of an innocent. A robot can't.

Comment All in the packing (Score 2) 210

It's the size of a horse, not as agile as a horse, not as intelligent as a horse, and about a million times more noisy then a horse.

Donkey's can be frightened pretty easy yes, Horses if they're not trained, but War-Horses can handle extreme battle conditions pretty well.

Food vs. Batteries is a pretty even trade off. The robot is screwed if an EMP goes off, Horses are going to starve if there isn't any grass. A horse can beat 20miles in a day. /cue "interesting factoid thinking about that made me look up: (The world record is some 160km in about 6 and a half hours)"

The only really good reason I can think of is packing. You could probably stick this on the back of a Humvee, which isn't really possible with a horse.

Comment Re:Gesture Computing Will Never Last (Score 3, Interesting) 63

Well, that's largely because most of today's gesture recognition is absolutely terrible at recognizing fingers precisely from a long way off.

Waving arms is generally tiresome and not all that effective.
But say, twitching a finger to flip through photos would be a lot easier then using a keyboard.
A better version of kinect that can turn on the TV and load that DVD at the slightest wave of your hand? Awesome! now you don't have to look for that clunky remote anymore.

However, this particular device with the screen in between the person and their hands, just awkward and plain ungainly.

Comment Re:If that doesn't put it in perspective (Score 1) 572

Those 1% aren't "taking risks". They have golden parachutes, government bailouts, and small-fry employees they can fire. They get away scot free, while burning everyone else around them into the ground.

It would be nice if there was actual "risk" involved, but currently there isn't.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 141

Why would MS really want to buy Yahoo at this stage?

I thought last time around it was to try and sink it so MSN wouldn't have competition. But now with facebook and google and whatnot being much bigger players, that doesn't seem like a very workable plan.

Or make some hybrid bastard child of MSN and Yahoo and turn into into the worst social networking site they possibly can and trumpet it as the "new facebook"?

I just don't see it being ~all~ that attractive to MS. Yahoo runs a slightly (well, maybe upgrade that to "a fair bit" because MSN is pretty abysmal) better version of much the same stuff as MSN, but it's not like it's a groundbreaking change.

Comment Re:NASA, I am disappoint (Score 1) 91

Friction is a HUGE problem for mass drivers. It's pretty much completely impractical to accelerate something to Escape Velocity in the lower atmosphere because the air resistance will fry anything at that speed. Also, unless you build an absurdly (I mean REALLY absurdly) long track, no person is going to be able to survive the G forces. Now it'd be great for say the Moon, or other places with low to no atmosphere.

Comment Re:You don't "GET IT", do you? (Score 1) 228

within a decade the English language will have completely devolved into a mess of mutually unintelligible sets of syntax so different that communication between different groups will present a real problem.

How exactly is that new? English has never really had a sane fixed syntax.