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Comment Can't wait (Score 4, Informative) 118

Following Apple design trends.

* You get no status lights but a high resolution display to run OS X on
* Turning your car on will take forever and it will not tell you that it is starting up
* You won't know that your car is on but everyone around you will see a glowing Apple logo
* Charging your car will require a new type of Apple connector
* It will have no network ports but you may purchase an expensive adapter
* The car will be 0.5mm slimmer because of the missing network connector
* Adding the size of the various adapters actually makes the device larger then the completion.... but hey, who will notice?
* It will come with WiFi and Bonjour service. Bonjour will constantly DOS the Inter Car Network to discover other hip cars
* Seats will be extremely uncomfortable but they will look fucking awesome
* You will have to upload music using iTunes
* The car expects you to be a total moron so it will not give you a dedicated button for hazards lights and similar things. All of that will be controlled by the in car "Apple AI"

Can't wait what they will produce .....

Comment Re:Google is becoming irrelevant (Score 1) 165

My experience as well. Search for some Windows patch or service pack and Google will give me the download page on position one.
Bing might be better at finding some hip and trendy article about the service pack but it is not the information I asked it to find.

This is not a Google search bubble thing.

Disclaimer: last tested over a year ago

Comment No, bring cash (Score 2) 294

If you plan to visit Europe make sure your credit card has a chip, or you won't be able to use self-service machines.

No, bring cash! We use debit cards for purchases since most people don't have or use credit cards. Especially smaller shops will refuse your business when you come in with a real credit card and only intend to purchase something below 100 Euro.

Good luck with your Visa or Amex over here ;)

Comment Still using my N900.... (Score 1) 111

Going to use my N900 until it dies and will not purchase another Nokia device. You guys lost my trust and pretty much killed your brand for a VERY long time.
Not sure what I'll get to replace my N900. I have an iPhone 5s from work and it sucks almost as much as the Mac Book Pro Retina I received with it (awesome touch pad).

Maybe a MS Phone ... can't believe I am actually considering it....

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Eu has been very cruel to Greece and the Greek people

Yes very much. The citizen of Europe have been forced to give the people of Greece money which we will never see returned to our economy.
Robbing us of our money and bitching that it comes with terms - ungrateful bitches. Good luck on your own!

Comment Poor exploited women (Score 1, Troll) 490

One just needs to fire up a random twitch stream hosted by a female. There is a VERY high chance that you'll look right down her cleavage because SHE positioned the webcam that way.
Most webcams by men stop at the shoulders or right below .....

I know it is the fault of men because some watch it and by doing so are forcing her to expose her boobs.

Poor exploited women!

Comment Re:Love the idea (Score 2) 163

The diamond trade is artificially protected since it is a legal product and boosted by marketing. Your wife may not be able to tell the difference but advertisement tells you that only the real deal is worth it.
If I remember correctly it is the flaws in a natural diamond that make it "spark" more then a grown one.

The fake horns may work as long as no simple test is developed to check for authenticity.
The better approach would probably be to convince people but truth rarely works ..... even westerners still believe in things like Homeopathy ;)

Comment Another useless subject - yay! (Score 1) 306

Another subject that will be 100% useless for 99% of students.
Remember when you had to know the periodic table by heart. Needed it for test and never thought about it again for the next 20 years.

There is more and more information to learn. Maybe we should rethink how schools work in general. Look for children with talents in certain areas and base the curriculum on that.

Of course this violates bullshit rule number 1 which states that "everybody is the same" ....

"Consider a spherical bear, in simple harmonic motion..." -- Professor in the UCB physics department