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Comment: Re:wrong (Score 1) 241

by SkunkPussy (#46481381) Attached to: Ubuntu's Mir Gets Delayed Again

> People moved in hordes to RDP as a protocol because X sucks so bad on a LAN

That doesn't add up - VNC has been around since forever so people would have moved to that for the same reasons that they might move to RDP. (RDP is a bit better than VNC but that's not really relevant).

My experience of X on a lan is quite good - I use remote gvim all the time. X over the internet isn't so good. I have occasionally ran remote gvim sessions over the internet in the past but forgoing a GUI and running vim over SSH is preferable in that case.

Comment: sensational (Score 1) 373

by SkunkPussy (#46268837) Attached to: Report: Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Scans Your DNS History

Some guy has decompiled (what he claims to be) a VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) module that seems to be downloaded and executed when you connect to a game server. He has found code that scans the dns cache, hashes the domain name and adds it to an array.

Its not clear what is done with the data - whether it is compared against a blacklist sent by the server, whether it is used as an anti-proxy measure to verify that the VAC module was downloaded from the correct server, or whether this data is indeed sent to Valve. Tellingly, the guy who found the code where Valve scans the dns cache, has not found any code where this data gets sent to Valve.

So until someone actually finds code that sends this data off to Valve, I'm leaving the pitchfork party early.

See also:

Comment: gotta make money but... (Score 1) 182

by SkunkPussy (#46236557) Attached to: Mozilla To Show Sponsored Links To First-Time Firefox Users

Mozilla has to make money somehow and be independent from google. But I don't want to see amazon or whatever when I first load firefox. If mozilla gets strapped for cash its very likely that they will move to a model where some of these tabs are always reserved for sponsorship. Slippery slope.

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